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I took my iMac to be fixed and when I got it back, mail was not set, so I called Apple and they helped me set up mail. Now the new mail goes to trash and there is no number by the 'inbox' to tell me how many new messages I have. I cannot save a draft to 'drafts.' There is a large number by 'trash' (I think all mail went to trash - including drafts). When I send myself an emai, it goes to trash also. This is on both my iMac (the one taken in) and my MacBook Pro (same emails) which was not taken in.


I went to 'rules' but have no idea what to do there. There are no rules in the rule box. When I click 'add rule' it puts 'rule 1' in the rule box, but since that was not there when I took it in, I delete it to have an empty rule box.


Can someone pleasehelp me. I am completely stupid with all this. Do not under stand what is suppose to be set up in 'rules.'

Thank you so much,