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I haven't been quite convinced that I imported my iPhoto library correctly into Aperture.  Following import, my Aperture sidebar has a series of new projects created since I started using Aperture.  At the end of the projects, there is a folder "iPhoto Library" which holds all my photos in a series of yearly folders such as "2002", "2003", "2004", etc.


I have created a new project for 2002 and moved the folders from the iPhoto Library to the Aperture project-does this mean the iPhoto library is now in Aperture and will all edits remain in these photos?




iMac, Mac OS X (10.3.x)
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    When you import an iPhoto Library into Aperture everything in the iPhoto Library is place in a folder called  iPhoto Library. Events in iPhoto are turned into Aperture projects in a subfolder called Events.


    Under the iPhoto Library folder will be albums, smart albums and other containers from iPhoto. Remember iPhoto slide shows and books will NOT be carried over to Aperture. The images in those will be placed in albums with the names of those items.

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    Thanks, Frank.  I don't see any subfolder in Aperture titled "events", though I can confirm that my iPhoto library folder does have all albums and smart albums etc. 


    Does it matter if I create a new project in Aperture and move the albums and smart albums from the iPhoto library into the project box or should I just leave it all in the iPhoto library?


    And if I can't see any events from my iPhoto library does it mean that I've imported incorrectly (though I don't think so because I can see all the albums/smart albums there.




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    Are you sure? Take a look in the iPhoto Library folder. Here is what an iPhoto import should look like:


    Screen shot 2011-09-25 at 20.12.10.png

    Folders, albums and smart albums from iPhoto appear under the Events folder.


    The Events folder holds the projects that were made from the events in iPhoto


    Screen shot 2011-09-25 at 20.14.28.png

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    My folder doesn't look like that; instead, I have the main iPhoto library folder followed by all my albums.  It's possible I never created any events: instead, I categorized pictures by year, so it looks like this:


    iPhoto Library

    and then folders with smart folders inside like this:



    2004 etc


    Inside each year are the albums, but no events.



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    Its been a long time since I used iPhoto but I'm pretty sure the images at some point had to be in events no matter what the rest of the iPhoto library sttructire was.


    And as for Aperture the only place images actually live is in projects. If you have no projects in the Aperture library you have no images in the library.


    If you go to Project View what do you see?

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    At first, I saw nothing except a series of pictures with dates.  When I double clicked on one of the photos, all of the events suddenly appeared in the iPhoto library in a folder called events at the very bottom.  It looks like all of these events are actual downloads into iPhoto over time.


    Since I don't organize by roll/event, can I just move the photos in my iPhoto folders into projects or will this skew everything?  I don't know that I can go back and reorganize the entire library from the events, though perhaps this is the only way to do it? 


    Finally, am I supposed to work with the iPhoto library in the iPhoto library folder or can I move the photos at will into new projects?


    Sorry for all the questions.  The program isn't as intuitive as I thought it would be (or at least working with the iPhoto library isn't).


    Thanks again.

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    The organization of the Aperture library is totally in your hands. The structure created when the iPhoto library is imported is there merely as a convenience. You are free to rearrange it as you wish.


    Don;t worry about the questions that's why the forum is here. And don;t worry about coming to grips with Aperture right away. Most of us, even after years, are  still learning things about the program. In my own case I imported my Aperture library at least a half dozen times before I finally got a structure I was comfortable with. And even after that I was and still am tweaking it.


    Spend some time with the user manual it has a lot of useful information in it especially the first part on the structure of the library.  Also The Aperture 3 book by Scoppettuolo is, imo, a useful addition.


    Just make sure from the beginning you have a good working backup. Knowing you have the ability to roll back should anything go wrong is a powerful learning tool. You'll be more likely to experiment if you have the peace of mind of knowing you can get ti all back


    good luck

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    Thanks for all the help and suggestions-I'm sure I'll get it in the end, but nice to know I can ask the questions!

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    I "imported" and "copied" my iPhoto library into Aperture.  The iPhoto Folder structure - described elsewhere in this discussion thread - was created for me in Aperture.  I "deleted" my old iPhoto Library by saving it on an independent, external hard drive (for safekeeping).  Aperture works fine without the iPhoto Library present, however I am puzzled why I still have the iPhoto Library folder structure on the left column of my Aperture screen.  When I try deleting this folder within Aperture, I lose all my photos (fortunately, "undelete" gets them back).  I'm still on the learning curve with Aperture so this is probably a naive question, but could someone please explain why these iPhoto folders are still present when I'm supposedly independent from my iPhoto library now?

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    Those are not your iPhoto folders.  They are Aperture Folders and containers selected and organized to match what Aperture found in your iPhoto Library.


    As Frank says upthread:


    The organization of the Aperture library is totally in your hands. The structure created when the iPhoto library is imported is there merely as a convenience. You are free to rearrange it as you wish.


    In general, don't post to threads already marked "Answered".  As Frank also says -- ask questions! -- just put them in a new thread (it helps everyone navigate the forum more expeditiously).