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IMac is much expensive than mac mini. After a confusing week, I wish to have 21.5" iMac. I'm still confused about iMac, how long it will last? What average life time of an iMac? I'm not that much rich to buy iMac in every year. I'm from bangladesh. Does iMac have any haZard in non air condition room? So need to take any extra care for iMac ? In the summer here's tempeteture getting high like 30/34 celcius. Is it a hazart for this machine? iMac repair easy or not? Does the display Will last for 3/4 years? Im **** confused. What should I do?? Buy an mac mini 2011? Guys plz help me. I'm sorry for this disgusting post. I'm a windows user and want to migrate to mac soon.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
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    We are users just like yourself so we have no idea how long the average lifespan is. Some people are using iMacs built 10 years ago however some don't last that long. I can tell you my 4 year old iMac is working like new.

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    I've had mine for 3 years and it's still going strong. It depends on how you treat it. We can't say what the average lifespan is.


    The Imac's have come a long way. It basically depends on what your needs are. If you need the better processor or graphics capability, or even an optical drive then the iMac may be the better choice. The cheaper price for the mini is also because you supply your own mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Perhaps you know that already and have those.


    Computers do need to have some air, whatever you decide on.

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    U know mac is very expensive matter here like other country. Repairing an iMac is to tough? If the display failed whole machine will b out of work. To replace the display how much $ they will take?? Any idea bro?

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    You can find the iMac operating specifications at http://support.apple.com/kb/SP623 .  I think you'll find the same environmental requirements for the iMac and mac mini.


    To compare the two systems, you need to include a keyboard, mouse/trackpad, and monitor in addition to the mac mini price. Of course if you have them already, that lowers your cost.


    With either the iMac or mini, you don't need to replace it every year, thank goodness!  Apple does offer an extended warranty, which provides a total of 3 years of coverage. With any computer system, sometimes parts can require replacement, however, it's not unreasonable to expect to get more than 3 years of usage from your system.  With either mini or iMac, as you get past 3 years, the hard drives can fail, which is why you have a good backup system in place.


    And of course length of useful life depends on what applications you're using and how you're using the system.

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    As I said my machine is working perfectly fine after 3 years, some users have even older systems. You can purchase the extended warranty which will cover repairs.



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    I understand that the maximum working level of humidity for the iMac is 35%. I think that during the monsoon period the level in Bangladesh could go higher than that. A discussion here a week or so ago, started by someone from India, said that moisture tended to collect behind the glass panel at the top of the screen. To remove that is really a job for a service centre, and anyway I think that the problem would return.


    If you got a MacMini, you would have a separate screen which, being sold in Bangladesh, might not have that humidity effect, and if it did, it would be a simpler job to fix it.

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    Using iPhone 4 and iPad 2 in this environment. Haven't found any problem with those device but I understand iMac is different. Well I'm to take apple care protection for extra $300. Thx

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    Hi, I have a 2006 imac 2.0 core duo 2 with 45,990 hours and still going strong. I did replace the power supply twice in that time

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    I was wondering the same. My iMac is 6 years old and is slowing down A LOT! Ever since I put Yosemite on is when it started slowing down. Now I am having problems with Pages. I am getting frustrated. Is it time to get a new iMac? I am having the same issues with my 6 year old MacBook Pro.

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    I have a 2007....so I am able to get all the updates (Yosemite etc) but am finding that I have a lot of crashes lately...Photos and iMovie.  Thinking I am going to replace my iMac soon.  It's frustrating to edit photos too..takes longer than it should.  I did upgrade my RAM and storage space a few years back but it's still sluggish.  Will keep this bad boy for my second home.  I have the old 27"...it's been a faithful workhorse.  My hard drive did crash at about year 3...thank GOD I had carbonite.  USE YOUR TIME MACHINE!!!  Macs crash too.