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jedimasterkyle88 Level 1 (0 points)

So I bought a Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 from my local apple store the other day and I am on T-Mobile.  Everything is working perfectly...except the MMS function of the phone.


Basically, I can send picture messages to anyone and I can send regular SMS.  But I cannot receive MMS.  My wife is on T-Mobile as well and she has tried to send me almost 20 pictures of various and random things and every, single time, I get the same message.





I have contacted Apple about this issue and they instructed me to talk to T-Mobile about it.  Heres what T-Mobile had to say:


"T-Mobile Rep.: From the main menu, tap Settings.

Tap General.

Tap Network.

Customer: ok

T-Mobile Rep.: Tap Cellular Data Network.

Customer: ok

T-Mobile Rep.: Enter the following information under the MMS section.

APN: (iphone 2G:




MMS Proxy:

MMS Max Message Size:


Customer: ok

T-Mobile Rep.: Press the Home button to return to the Main Menu.

Then turn the phone off and then back on.

Customer: what about the cellular data section? I dont have to put anything in there?

Customer: ok its restarting

T-Mobile Rep.: Okay.

T-Mobile Rep.: Now, just as a disclaimer, we cannot guarantee that it will work.

Customer: ok

Customer: ok the phone is back on

T-Mobile Rep.: Alright, go ahead and test it out.

Customer: ok hang on a sec

T-Mobile Rep.: Okay.

Customer: It didnt work. I got the same message that I've been getting. "The media content was not included due to a picture resolution or message size restriction"

T-Mobile Rep.: It sounds like the picture settings may need to be changed to accept larger picture files.

Customer: how do i do that?

T-Mobile Rep.: That, we do not have the steps for.

Customer: hmmm ok"


So I guess at this point, I either wait to hear back from Apple and see if they have a solution or I just live without MMS receiving abilities.  But I figured I would post this question here as well to see if anyone else has had this odd issue or not.





iPhone 4, Windows 7
  • ChrisJ4203 Level 8 (47,859 points)

    If you are referring to using T-Mobile in the US, I have read you cannot do MMS on their network. Someone else may know more about that, but that is what I have read. If it is T-Mobile somewhere else, generally problems with that are a carrier issue, and as you found out, the carrier cannot always help.

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    T-Mobile in the US is NOT a supported carrier of the iPhone.  You will NOT get MMS to work.  In addition, you will not get visual voicemail, FaceTime, or data at anything other than very slow EDGE speeds.

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    Oh well that would explain alot lol.  Thanks for clearing that up.  You would think that T-Mobile would have been able to tell me that at least.


    So I guess im stuck with emailing pictures rather than MMS.  Oh well.  Thats the trade off I get I suppose for using T-Mobile.

  • deggie Level 9 (52,739 points)

    You'll get higher resolution emailing them only it will take an agonizing amount of time to send and receive them. I would have a bigger problem with not having 3G speeds.

  • gdgmacguy Level 7 (20,535 points)

    Yep.  While I understand that frequent global travelers would want an unlocked GSM phone, there's really no advantage to using one here in the US because the only option really is AT&T unless you want to use it as a very crippled phone on the T-Mobile network.

  • uselessSABOTAGE Level 4 (3,680 points)

    There are a lot of free texting apps that support MMS.  I use "text free" find it in the app store and try it.  Your wife can send pictures to that and regular SMS to your regular number. 


    In Textfree you create a text free number, then have her send a picture to the text free number and it should work.  Text free is kinda slow to load but I live abroad and it makes staying in touch with family in the US easy.

  • WM06 Level 1 (15 points)

    While what you state is true, I have to say that any cellular GSM phone should be unlocked regardless of only having one GSM choice in the United States (Which by the way, is very pathetic compared to European countries) since now AT&T wants to eliminate competition by merging with T-Mobile. Here's a scenario in which you would want an unlocked phone, suppose that in 4 years AT&T disappears, and a new GSM carrier comes into the market. You still have your beloved iPhone 4 after all these years and still in mint great condition, well now because AT&T decided to NEVER unlock your phone, simply because there wouldn't be any "advantage" now you have a totally useless piece of hardware, that you paid your money for, and therefore you cannot use it anymore. So what's the big AT&T wolf scared off? Just unlock it already!

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    I'm on T-Mobile with an Iphone 4, and while mine is jailbroken, I thought my Cellular Data settings might help you. It's not a promise but try and see. You may get lucky.






    MMS Proxy:

    MMS Max Message Size: 1048576

    MMS UA Prof URL:


    Of course Power Off then On for settings to take affect.

  • deggie Level 9 (52,739 points)

    Not sure what this has to due with this thread, but you can buy an unlocked iPhone from Apple so what is the problem? And AT&T really isn't in "competition" with T-Mobile (nor is anyone else since they are a distant 4th place). They want to acquire T-Mobile for spectrum, tower sites, and coverage. Most likely if the acquisition is blocked T-Mobile, who has been trying to sell off T-Mobile for the past 2 years, will end up selling off assets piece by piece and closing down the company. They are on an odd frequency for GSM and they have absolutely no 4G plans at all, how are they supposed to compete with anyone?


    With Verizon and AT&T both going to 4G LTE there will be competition, and it is possible the Sprint may go LTE, meaning all the major providers would be GSM. There is no way AT&T will be gone in 4 years but even if they were most people will have long since moved on to a 4G phone by that time. But as I already stated anyone that wants to buy an unlocked iPhone 4 GSM phone can do so online from Apple or in an Apple Store.

  • mikaax3 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi , I have the same exact problem . I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4 with T-Mobile and I have the EDGE network , and I can send MMS perfectly fine . But the problem is , I can't recieve MMS .... If anyone has a solution please let me know . (:

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  • Zerksees Level 1 (0 points)

    My Facetime works, I can send & receive mms & sms messages on iMessage, I can send mms & sms on regular text messaging, I just can't receive mms thru regular text messaging.

  • yhwh Level 1 (0 points)

    what is funny I have the new iPhone 4s factory unlocked from apple in the US, I get everything but I can not receive pictures from my wife who has iPhone 4 s as well.  I have done all settings and no luck.  I read a post I need to jail break to get that feature, I think apple needs to fix it.

  • yhwh Level 1 (0 points)

    You guys I got the fix it works it is Apples falt, not Simple Mobile, After doing settings with Apple and Simple Mobile I lost sending and I never could receive MMS picture tex, so I shop around and tried this, and it worked great, I know have everything, SO APPLE AY ATTENTION:  Ypou almost made me jail break my phone to get a special program to fix my mms, but Found something better:


    This is going to sound crazy, but I have tested it in exchanging MMS messages with other iPhones on T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T and also with Email accounts



    1. Backup your iPhone 4S in iTunes



    2. Download, install and open iBackupBot (Google it)



    3. Select your recent iPhone backup



    4. Find and open the file named ""



    5. Delete the text in this file and replace it with



    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
    <plist version="1.0">




    6. Save the changes



    7. Exit iBackupBot and open iTunes



    8. Restore your iPhone with the most recent backup



    9. After your iPhone reboots go to Settings>General>Network and turn on Data Roaming



    10. While still in Network settings go to >Cellular Data Network and enter "" as the APN for Cellular Data and Internet Tethering


    Cellular Data

    APN sinple

    11. Enter the following for MMS settings:

          APN: simple 


          MMS Proxy:

           MMS Max Message size : 1048576

           MMS UA PROF URL:



    12. Reboot

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