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Christiaan Level 3 (525 points)

We've just purchased three new 27" iMacs, 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7.


We use Artlantis 3 Studio software and within minutes of running this software the iMacs overheat and shutdown. This happens on all three iMacs. I've installed iStat Pro and increaased the fan speed but they still overheat and shutdown, just not as quickly.


Any suggestions before I get on the blower to Apple to express my gratitude?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
  • baltwo Level 9 (62,215 points)

    According to the description at the website, Please note that the 64 bit version of Artlantis 3 Studio is still in alpha, which means it is experimental and unsupported. You should be discussing your issues with them.

  • Christiaan Level 3 (525 points)

    Yes, you're right regarding the app causing the heating up perhaps but the overheating and shutting down is a problem with the iMac surely. It's the system and the hardware that needs to regulate the heat.

  • Christiaan Level 3 (525 points)

    I've noticed this error (thousands of times in the same second) in the logs:


    com.apple.quicklook.32bit: CDATAImageReader::ReadHex - Read[maxLength:8] stream error nbRad = 0

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    Christiaan wrote:


    ..... but the overheating and shutting down is a problem with the iMac surely. It's the system and the hardware that needs to regulate the heat.


    I'm not a techie, but if a software is malfunctioning so as to cause a much greater than normal heat production, there is little that the Mac (or any machine) can do except shut down, which yours has. It does not have a fire sprinkler system installed!

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    My experience with customer support is a nightmare.I purchased an Imac 27 (mid 2011). I have had the computer for 1year 8months.  Recently, the display has 5 blue lines and the computer doesnt boot up.  The computer fans are inoperative and the unit overheats.  This caused the video board ($700.00) and possibly the logic board to crap out.  So essentially, the cost to repair this computer is in excess of $1500.00.  A new computer would cost an additional $500.00.  Apple representative "Ian" from Austin Texas has stated the reasonable life expectancy of a $2100.00 Imac 27 is only one year. 

    Clearly, from all of the posts I have read, overheating is a chronic problem and, Apple is absolutely refusing to help a loyal customer by picking up the tab on this computer repair and foster amity between Apple and their consumer base.  I ask anyone reading this post if they think an Imac 27 (mid 2011) has a life expectancy of less than two years is acceptable.  I think it's time for Apple to wake up and take care of their customers when they plop down $2100.00 for a computer that craps out less than two years after purchase.  Where is customer relations?

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    Should've purchased extended AppleCare


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    If you are using an experimental version of a fairly high power graphics software, there maybe problems with the code that is supposed to regulate different computer components in a Mac.

    This is "Alpha" software and as such, probably riddled with problem code or software/hard ware issues that haven't been addressed at the Alpha stage, as yet.

    Your issue is squarely at the developers of ArtLantis and not Apple. You need to contact them!

    If possible, if they have a an earlier, more stable version of their software that runs under OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, then this is what you should be using instead of a software Alpha  package that is still in very preliminary development.