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I'v been trying to figure out what my enrolment id is for apple. I need help

ios developer program, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Go to the Dev Center and log in....then go to the Member Center...check your info there.

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    Sorry for digging the thread up but I can't find my enrollment ID there, now it is the sentence: "Your iOS Developer Program is about to expire. To maintain your access to certain technical resources, please visit the Programs & Add-Ons section and renew your membership(s)."


    My program is about to expire and I have to renew it by sending the purchase form by fax and there is a field called "Apple Developer Program Enrollment ID". I can find this ID because it's not there anymore, instead it is replaced by the above sentence. How can I get the ID back ??  Is this some kind of bug ??  Would you please reply me soon because my program is close to the expiration day, thank for your help.

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    I have the same issue too. I cant find my "Apple Developer Program Enrollment ID"



    I went to Member Center. There is a Individual ID but not "Apple Developer Program Enrollment ID"


    Are Individual (or Company) ID and Apple Developer Program Enrollment ID are same things?

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    As a result I sent a message and ask my enrollment id by using this contact page: https://developer.apple.com/contact/submit.php


    A nice guy called Alex (Apple Developer Support) told me it by an email in a few hours.


    Well this is the result for me.

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    Does anyone know if the Enrollment ID changes with each new renewal? I can't find my Apple Developer Program Enrollment ID anywhere on an Apple website (not even my dev account), but I have an Enrollment ID written down from last time. Do I just use this one or do I need a new Enrollment ID for each time I renew my license?

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    No change.


    It's in the Member Center, BTW.

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    Wonderful fast reply. Thanks a lot for that!


    I couldn't find it anywhere on the Member Center, which was bizarre, but if I can use the other one it's all good. I also looked a bit more and it looks like you can just use your e-mail associated to the dev account.


    But I used the other Enrollment ID.


    Thanks a lot again!

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    Hi Yigaboo21,


    My Apple Developer Account is going expired soon (Dec 13th 2012).

    I had printed out the purchase form. The renewal website told me that I must include these information to my Purchase Form

    - Program

    - Company ID

    - Person ID

    - Full Name

    - Email:

    - Phone


    But I can't see where to input my Company ID and Phone on the form.


    And at the Visa information section, I can't see where to input my CCV/CCV2 Code


    Did you renew your account by this form?

    Can you guid me to complete it?


    Do I have to input Company ID and Phone to the Form, and Do I have to input CCV/CCV2 Code beside the Visa Card Number?


    Thanks alot,


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    Hau, You can manually put those info right below your Person ID. I did it and every thing went through

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    Thanks KimMaiSa


    I had put these info into to form, and had faxed 3 times

    the 1st and 2nd time, I faxed by Post Office Service, but Apple didn't receive it, and they didn't feedback.

    The 3rd time, I faxed by faxzero last friday, still waiting for the feedback from apple

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    go to dev center and go to the member center check your info.

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    I am aslo facing the same issues in Renewal of iOs membership programm. I have filled all the required details like credit card number and address etc. After placeing the order, they showing a thnaks message and saying that it will take two buisness day, But I did not got any mail regarding this in given time frame. Still i an waiting their mail . what should i do next.


    let me know......