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The iTunes TV Show Store is missing from my AppleTV - bought just before the release of the current model.


By this I mean the list that appears under TV Shows on the main menu - Favorites, Top Shows, Networks and Search.


Only "My TV Shows" appears with the episodes that I have sync from my Mac.


There is the usual Cover Flow on the top of the screen for the most popular TV series, and from there I can access a very limited "Other Customers Also Bought".


I can use the Add To Favorites but the Favorites section still does not appear in the list on the main menu.


The iTunes Music and the Movie Store still appear and work correctly with all their functions.


I did have to restore the AppleTV to factory settings last week, but it was working fine after that.


The TV Show list just disappeared at some point on Saturday evening (I think).


I've tried other iTunes Stores that sell TV Shows like France and the UK, but I'm getting the exact same problem.


I was going to try another factory restore, but I thought I should see if this is a problem others are having (google shows nothing) - especially since the list just vanished while the device was in standby.