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I'm about to start a bidding on an Apple Cinema display 24" bought in july 2010. Now, besides general opinions about this display, are there any fundamental differences between the Cinema display (CD) and the newer Thunderbolt display (TD)?


What I already know is that the TD has 3xUSB, 1xFireWire, 1xThunderbolt and 1xEthernet on the back where the CD only have 3xUSB. Also, the TD only need the thunderbolt cable to the (i e) MacBook to function where the CD need to have the USB cable in addition to the cinema display cable connected to function.


Have I got that right?

I have the newest MacBook Pro with thunderbolt output, but do I still need the USB cable to get the 3xUSB hub on the display? Or is it enough with the cinema display cable from the display?


Hope I didn't make it to complicated to read =)


The price right now is almost 500$.


Oh, that's right - one more thing! I've read a little about compatiblity with different displays and computers. My MacBok Pro has thunderbolt output, but is it still possible to connect the Cinema display that does NOT support thunderbolt?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)