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When I pull picture from iPhoto into iMovie, it normally shows a small image in the edit window.

However, when I play the project, that picture becomes another picture or it just becomes all black.


This happens especially when I have put video clips or special effect before the specific picture.

Is there any way to solve this problem, thanks.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    I'm having the exact same issue and found other threads about it.  Most tell you to try and delete iMovie preferences but this didn't fix my problem.  I even deleted iMovie, rebooted and re-downloaded iMovie from the App Store and still the same.


    This happens with iPhoto pictures as well as pics I drag from Finder to iMovie.


    MacBook Air 13.3 (mid-2011) I bought yesterday with Lion and all updates installed.


    My first Mac...  This isn't a good start

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    Same issue here, sometimes closing and opening imovies worked. Also some photos that have been enhanced in iphoto had this issue, reverting the image back to original sometimes fixed it. But really disappointing.

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    I know that some fixes only work for some people but I have had multiple problems with pics and iMovie 11.  My work around will probably only work for those who can add pics to one project but not another.  If you have a corrupted project and can't add stills then start a new project with the same settings and add all the photos you want in your other project.  Keep them atleast 1 second long and in the order you want them in your other project for your own convenience.  Make any adjustments here and export the movie at max quality.  Then import the published Picture movie as an event.  You now have all your pics formatted safely as video.  Next scroll through each pic/2 finger click/select: add still to project.  Each still will add to the bottom of your corrupted project and will use far less memory/heap zone erors than ever before.  Publish and enjoy!


    Hope it works for you!  

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    hey guys, there are some workarounds/fixes and helpful hints for this issue in this thread

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    Hey guys, I was trying to import my business logo into an i movie project as a transparency but was having major hassles getting it to fit within the 'crop' parameters. My friend who has photo shop altered the image for me to 1920 x 1080 which has the required aspect ratio of 16:9 as other posts have suggested and saved as a PNG to retain its transparency. Yet when I tried importing it from i photo, no matter what I did, the imported image via the 'picture in picture' function was just black. I tried a bunch of other images - some were ok and others were still just black. But then I tried not using i photo at all and just dragged the image directly from a usb via 'finder' and presto - she worked beautifully. It was the i movie / i photo connection that was screwing it all up. Give it a try and good luck.

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    Anyone ever come up with REAL fix for this problem?

    I just upgraded to El Capitan and all my movies now have this problem. Even the ones I have made in the past. The problem happens when I pull photos in from Finder. And I can't even get the new "Photos" app to even show up in iMovie so I haven't tried that.