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My wife and I depend on our calendar system heavily now more than ever, raising three young boys and running multiple businesses with complex schedules, plus iphone access. iCal was a dog to begin with, mostly due to bad synching problems. (I learned after a very long time to remove MobleMe from the picture entirely.) However the new iCal in Lion has sent me off the cliff. I just can't tolerate it. What kind of weed were these developers smoking who designed this thing?? I can't tell one color "dot" from another in month view because the dots are so tiny. The defaults when entering a new event cause me to constant re-edit it, and sometimes I end up with a 2-day event that should have been a 1-day event (which isn't obvious on screen until you go to print it or look at it with the iphone), and so forth. It's like they took a dumb calendar system and dumbed it down, hoping that the horrible looking leather strip at the top would win hearts.


So I started looking for iCal alternatives. It must be able to synch with another calendar on my network, and the interface has to be practical and useable.


I stumbled across BusyCal. Wow! It looks just like the old iCal except without all the bull, and actually improves upon it in many logical ways. This is what iCal SHOULD have been. Look at some of their video demonstrations:




But holy jeebers, $80 for a family license? [Gasp!]


Before I fumble out my wallet, do any of you have other suggestions that are ironclad?

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    Yeah, I must say, iCal has got to the point where I'm looking for alternatives. Adding events is a total pain if you have multiple calendars (if there's already an even from another calendar and you want to add a new one for the same time you have to click an 'empty' time and then move it later, new events are loaded under existing ones and the new one is the one you are likely to want to edit! editing events is a total pain because of the UI..... I could go on).


    Did you ever get anywhere with a fair priced alternative?