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Live in Chicago and for the last week, my iPhone 4 has been having major netowork issues. It switches from 3G to Edge to nothing and then back again almost constantly. I am in areas that I had no issues in and 3G worked constantly for years. It started all of a sudden. I know they started up 4G last week, but I canot find anything about this causing issues.


I tried a hard reset I tried resetting the phone back to default. No luck.


Any ideas.

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    Unfortunately, I had the same problem where I live in Texas. It was Verizon's network that was causing the problem. In other words, if you have done all you can with your phone, it's probably Verizon having network issues. Call them and report it and hopefully they will have it figured out in a few days. They did it for me.

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    *Or whoever your carrier is.

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    So you think it's the network and not the phone?  Wouldn't the network issues effect everybody?

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    Yes it would. Do you know of others in your area having/or not having issues? Can you go to other areas to see if your phone is working correctly? It's definitely possible that the phone has a problem but I would eliminate the network too. Just call your carrier and see if there is any known issues with the network in your area. Ask if they will send a tech out to check that area. I just know I had the same problem. My phone was brand new but I called them and they said they would send a tech out to my area. 3 days later I didn't have any problems with my phone switching to GPRS/1xRTT. That's the Edge equivalent on Verizons CDMA network.