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Steven Richason Level 1 Level 1

Recently bought a cheap ZyXEL for the back bedroom so that I can use it as a bridge/access point. I have the Time Machine set up as a WDS Main, but I can't find a place for pins, push button, etc.  How do I get it to connect to the Time Machine? Here's the ZyXEL's manual if it will help. And, since it can't find any other base stations, it is amber, although I can still get online, no problem. Anyway, any help would be appreciated.

Time Capsule 1st Gen., Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • Bob Timmons Level 10 Level 10

    Sorry, but very, very few devices from other manufacturers were compatible with Apple's WDS settings, so it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to configure the ZyXEL access point to work with your Time Capsule. 


    The known devices that are compatible are listed below:


    • Belkin F5D7230-4 and F5D7231
    • BT Voyager 2091 or 2100
    • Buffalo WGR-G54
    • Linksys WRT54G or WRT54GS (not latest versions v5)
    • Netgear WGR614 v6
    • SMC (one model - don't know the model number)
    • Thompson 585v6 wireless router (only 40 bit WEP works)
  • Steven Richason Level 1 Level 1

    Werid... Isn't this a standard protocol? Why would this even be an issue?

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 Level 10

    WDS was never adopted as an industry standard.

  • Steven Richason Level 1 Level 1

    Hm... So, bridges and access points are not standard enough... So, the quick route is to, of course, get an apple product and it'll fit right in...

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 Level 10

    If you decide to do this, be sure to get an 802.11"n" product so you can use Apple's "Extend a wireless network" feature, which runs circles around WDS in terms of performance.

  • Steven Richason Level 1 Level 1

    So, this would work (I want to plug in the 360 in the back bedroom into the network without running 60' of wire - so, as a bridge)?

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 Level 10

    It would work, but keep in mind that the Ethernet connection from the Express to the 360 is only going to be as good as the wireless signal can provide.


    Take your laptop to the proposed location for the Express and log on to the wireless. That is the quality of connection that the Express will deliver at the Ethernet port to the 360.


    Bottom line...the Express does not "boost" the signal....it extends the signal that it receives.


    You will have much better performance from the 360 by connecting a 60' Ethernet cable.

  • Steven Richason Level 1 Level 1

    Understood... As with all networking, you're only as fast as your slowest connection. I'm just trying to keep the wife happy by not running 60 feet of blue cat6 cable. Anyway, do the older versions of extremes work? Like the A1143 models? They are pre-n, but still n. Thanks!


  • LaPastenague Level 9 Level 9

    Steven Richason wrote:


    They are pre-n, but still n. Thanks!


    Not pre-N (which is a mimo G quasi standard) rather draft N.. and draft N and full conforming N work fine together. The full acceptance of N took a while but draft products like all the wireless cards in the earlier Laptops work just fine with later airport products as earlier ones.


    Ethernet over Power (EOP) adpaters are a good alternative to wireless. Any double hopping wireless causes terrible slowness (less than half the speed) and increased latency. The EOP are pretty much consumer items now and work easily in most houses.. although they usually need to be plugged directly to the power point. They cannot work on a power board due to the 10A breaker.. or whatever it has in your Country. A simple double adapter should work.

  • Steven Richason Level 1 Level 1

    Great, thanks. Based on this site, none of the Extremes had pre-n, only draft, so I think we are good to go. Thanks for your help.