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suddenly the screen started and then became black. Normally I unplug the compt and then the screen comes back once it has been replugged. This time the lid is on on but the screen is black!


I plugged back my 19' ADC monitor and it works fine (since its used on my cube) , I replugged the 22 but still nothing. I suppose something is wrong so I opened it but everything is neat!!!


any idea?



Imac DVSE ,Cube , Powerbooks (150-Wallstreet -Clamshell SE) G4 Dual 450/1.8G, Mac OS 9.1.x, OS 7.1-7.5-9.1-9.2-10.1-10.3-10.4 - Airport snowDual base statio
  • OS 9.1 is the best!!! Level 2 Level 2 (195 points)

    ok I opened teh screen and everything is neat inside. Realise it could come from the power button as it is a small electronic part with cable moving. Left it opened a week and decided to but it back together but didn't replug the power button.


    Plugged back to the comp and the screen starts without problems!!!


    life so funny sometimes with computers eh


    wonder why I write stuff here...