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I am trying to import songs or parts of songs from iTunes into GarageBand so that I can create some ringtones.

GarageBand (11) is not allowing me to drop & drag songs to it!?


The songs I am using ARE NOT protected. Some have been purchased, but I always find the 10-20 seconds that I want first, go into the get info/options of the song, choose the timestamp for the potion of the song, & then create an AAC version of the snippet. I then wo,d import the smaller file of the selected part of the song that I wanted.


I previously had been able to. Now I cannot? I used to also us mp3s, but recently read in a forum that they needed to be AAC files.


Anyone else have this issue? Anyone know a solution?


It use to be so easy to create ringtones. Now GarageBand won't let me.

Please help!



iMac & MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    You can now import itunes songs through the media browser. Click on the media browser button on the bottom right of the GB window (loops - info - media browser). Select "audio" on the top of the media browser, then the itunes option underneath it.

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    the list of songs does not appear to populate from itunes on my machine. the wheel spins endlessly but no list appears. I did just update itunes. is this the source of my problem?

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    As a work around: While iTunes refuses to show in the Media Browser, drag your songs from iTunes to the Desktop, and then from there to Garage Band.


    After a new installation sometimes it is necessary to remove invalid preference files.

    • Quit iTunes if it is open.
    • Open your hidden User Library and open the Preferences subfolder
    • move the File "com.apple.iTunes.plist" to the Desktop - in this file the path to your iTunes media is stored.


    Log out and log on again, restart iTunes, then see if iTunes now appears in the Media Browser

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    Hi, I also can't seem to find my music in Garageband's media browser.  Only 18 songs come out, even though I have thousands in Itunes. It's not populating automatically.  Dragging doesn't work either.


    @LeonieDF: What is "hidden user library"?  Where can I find that?


    Would appreciate some help. 

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    @LeonieDF: What is "hidden user library"?  Where can I find that?

    I meant the your User Library; it depends on the operating system if it is hidden or not - since MacOS 10.7 Lion the User Library is hidden.


    The "Preferences" subfolder you need to access is located in

         Your Home Folder -> Library -> Preferences

    If you are using MacOS Lion you access this folder using the Finder's Go menu:


         Finder -> Go -> Go to Folder


    Then hold down the "Option" key, until "Library" appears in the drop down menu, select "Library", then proceed as above.