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I have an Ipad 1, 16gb Wifi and now I can't charge my ipad from the wall charger.  I have 18% power and when i plug the ipad into the charger, the ipad won't charge.  It keeps flashing on the screen but won't charge...It almost seems like it's not accepting the charger. 


Anyone have this problem?

iPad, iOS 4.3.3
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    Have you tried a different charger and/or cable ? Do you know anybody else with an iPad so that you can try their charger and cable and they can try yours ?


    Have you tried a reset to see if it charges after the iPad has restarted ? Press and hold both the sleep and home buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds (ignore the red slider), after which the Apple logo should appear - you won't lose any content, it's the iPad equivalent of a reboot.


    Otherwise, depending on how long you've had and it whether it's still in warranty, you may need to contact Apple and/or buy another charger and see if that works

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    Thanks for positing that, I did see that solution in another thread and tried it.  It worked perfectly. 


    Thanks for posting the answer as well.




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    I'm having an issue with mine as well. I get the 'not charging' message. I went out and purchased a new iPad charger, and it worked once. Then I went to recharge it last night and I again have the 'not charging' message and overnight it only charged from 20 - 88% (about 7 hours of charging)


    I've plugged it into two different wall outlets. I've used both the small block and then the cord that came with the one i bought.


    I know it does trickle charge, but its frustrating to have an intermittant issue. I've reset the iPad, I've tried turning it off and powering it down before charging. Like I said, problem is on two different chargers so I'd think the odds of having two that are 'bad' is kinda slim. (especially since both of them used to work)


    I'm getting rather frustrated with the issue.


    any ideas?


    (and for me 'running to the apple store) is over an hour away. I bought it at Best Buy.

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    I cannot believe the problems I have had since I won this stupid thing. I was thrilled when I found out that I won it, but at the first sign of trouble, I called apple and they told me that the company that gave it to me had it on their shelf for the entire warranty period so I had NO warranty at all, even though it had never been turned on or registgered before. I was able to get it working again the following morning, but now this stupid power issue is ******* me off. One minute it charges, the next, it says "NOT A SUPPORTED DEVICE FOR CHARGING THIS UNIT". Its the original charger. AND of course Apple is no help at all since my serial number is still considered out of warranty before I ever opened the box! I am SO GLAD I didnt pay for this stupid nightmare. I would have thrown it through their window by now. WHAT A PIECE OF ****!

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    My iPad would not charge either, turns out that my ipad protector was interferring with a full connection to my ipad. Remove protector and make sure charger is fully inserted into ipad. I had same problem with head phones.

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    Hi Dave,


    I am facing the same problem, when I connect my Ipad to wall charger, it keep flashing on the display, but wont charge. I could not find any solution. can you please post how you solve the problem or provide the link where you got the solution.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey Folks,


    I solved the problem by getting another charging cable. They have very tiny wires in them and without any visible damage, they can go bad. I have several different kinds of chargers for different locations where I mount and use my Ipad, and every once in a while, I have to switch the charging cable to get it to work. It has worked well since I replaced that one cable. I found them cheapest on Amazon.com. Apple wouldnt offer any suggestiond or ideas at all. They were about as helpful as an ashtray on a motorcycle. Which was really stupid since the solution was to simply change the cable. If that doesnt work, I would then replace the actual charger part that plugs into the wall too. (again, the cheapest ones are found on Amazon.com and they work fine) Be carefull which one of those you get, not all of them are rated with the correct voltage. Theres no risk of hurting the Ipad if you use the wrong one it will just start charging it, or not. Be patient in letting it try.



    Also, if it ever locks up on you, hold in BOTH the button on the front and the one on the side and it will force it to shut down, then you can reboot it and it should be fine.


    I won mine at a raffle, and Apple acually told me that since the company that raffled it off had it sitting on a shelf for a while, my warranty was void before I opened the box.


    Be careful what you buy from Apple,...."Resistance Is Futile!"


    Hope rthis helps.



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    I understand your frustration, but please tell me what company you've ever bought an electronic product from (yes, I understand you won your iPad) starts the warranty from the day the device was first turned on?  I'm going to take a wild guess and say, oh, um, NONE.  Warranty's for electronic products start the day an item was PURCHASED, not the day they were put in use.  How on earth could a company manage warranties universally if they started warranties on a rolling calendar from first date of use?  Sorry, but you really have no beef here.


    I am glad you got it sorted and all you needed was a new charging cable. Now, just enjoy your iPad.  It really is a great devices.

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    uh, no offense, but NO Im not really enjoying my Ipad, it crashes more than it works, It locks up all the time, and the disrespectful ignorance I received from the Apple Tech Support lines has made be so jaded that the only way I would ever get another Apple product is if it were given to me yet again. And to answer your question, I have bought MANY computer parts, accessories, and laptops that were well under warranty long after I bought them. AND even after, I was always able to get the problem solved without being offended by a chainsmoking keyboard jockey that refused to take me serioously without whipping out my dredit card for a HUGE FEE. The warranty I was TOLD was to come with this overpriced toy was 90 days. And this was Brand New with all the trimmings and shrinkwrap. If you wanna wear kneepads on this one, direct your "bended kneepad" worship where it might do you more good. I wasnt asking for your opinion on this matter, I was simply ststing how I had been treated by the company that makes this disaster. IF I had actually paid for this I would have been to court with them over many stupid issues on this ridiculouis headache by now.


    And I wasnt talking to you in the first place.....I was helping others with issues we had in common.

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    I feel your pain, but am also glad that I am not alone and going crazy.  I have the same issues. cannot charge it from the wall outlet, have tried different chargers and cords, and so far nothing.  It was working fine one minute and now nothing.  I purchased the IPad1 to see if I would really use it, (2nd hand) before I went and purchased the IPad3.  Now I am having second thoughts as to what to do, and if the new one will be any better.  When I first put the cord into the Ipad it will for a split second show me that it is charging, then it will tell me it is not compatable.  This is the original cord and wall charger.  I purchased a 2nd set  and get the same message.  I have also tried turning it off and resetting it, to no avail.   Open to any and all suggestions, PLEASE!  Maybe I should just stick with  my phone, so far they have worked fine, and will charge with the same cords and chargers without problem.

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    This may be a really stupid question - but nothing ventured, nothing gained...right?


    So I too am having the same issue. iPad won't charge when connected to the wall using original charger. I see that there is a potential solution with doing a reset.

    But how do I do a reset when the iPad is completely flat? I can't get any charge into it at all, it won't even start up.


    So I'm thinking that I can't do a reset right? 




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    I am also haveing the same problem and have gone trough ALL the suggestions, it seems there is an issue with the charge port.