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Will it be possible to assign a ringtone to whole group in iOs5?

iOS 4
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    Everything that can be said about iOS 5 is here: http://www.apple.com/ios/ios5

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    There described significantly less then 200+ new features. So it's not "everything that can be said". It's rather "everything that is said by apple so far".

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    It is "everything that can be said" here. Speculation and rumor is prohibited here by the terms of service. If you don't like it, go read the rumor sites instead of an official, Apple sponsored forum.

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    No it's not. It is said that there will be 200+ new features. But the description is given for 20 or so.

    Thanks for telling me obvious things, KiltedTim.

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    I have the same problem, my previous E52 can also do this. i'm really facing a big problem with this,


    my mobile number given to all customers and sometimes I neet to sleep so I don't want my mobile to ring for everyone calling, But I cannot keep it silent because I need to recieve calls from important people for me like family, my boss, so can change the profile in my E52 to another profile give ringer alert only to a vip group, and whatever else people calling it will remain silent.


    I hear about a problem who can do this in iPhone named mCleaner but unfortunatly it require jailbreak which cannot be done with iOS 5.1


    i'm really sorry to say that I may need to use back my E52 mobile.

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    So sign up for a service like Google Voice. Google Voice basically gives you another phone number that can automatically ring through to multiple phones if you want. You can set timers to define when you want to take calls from it and when you don't. You can blacklist callers, specify callers to go directly to voice mail, etc. There is a free app that will let you place calls from your iPhone that appear on the other end in caller ID as originating from your Google Voice number.


    I have used this for quite a few years now to keep business and personal calls isolated from each other without having to bother with multiple phones.