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  • Jack Ball Level 2 Level 2

    "Freedom of choice

    Is what you got

    Freedom from choice

    Is what you (apple user fill-in-the-blank) want."


    Apple, gave me no choice. I just want a choice, A MINI with a DVD slot or a MINI without.

    Apple DEVO-tees keep accepting it's decisions to take features away. And just like lemmings follow the "benevolent omniscience" and accept it "that's just the way it is".... I would have gladly bought a new mini this month but without a DVD drive, I choose not to.

  • steve359 Level 6 Level 6

    We cannot help you with your dissatisfaction with Apple.


    I managed Windows XP, Vista (briefly), and have a Windows 7 system.


    I have managed OpenSUSE Linux and RedHat Enterprise Linux, both very stable but getting graphics drivers to behave is hard due to lack of fully mature graphics card drivers.


    So building an Ubuntu laptop was far to much low-level admininstrations and graphics-kernel rebuilding.


    You see "NO DVD drive! OMG!"


    I see a system that came off the refurb list and has given me no problems and can run for months on end without "panics" that Windows 7 will have after 2 days of uninterrupted running.


    If you do not want it, you have options.

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