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    the_creature_00 wrote:


    Not relevant here, but I just discovered that it apparently isn't compatible with 3rd generation either, even though Apple said it was

    iOS 5 runs just fine on my 3rd generation iPod touch.  It's only the 1st and 2nd that are left out of the update.  And trust me, you wouldn't want iOS 5 on the 2nd gen anyway.  My 3rd gen is fater than a 2nd gen, and yet it's still a bit sluggish with some games.  Can you imagine what the performance would be on a 2nd gen?

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    Lose your warranty? WHAT WARRANTY?? Apple offer a 90 daty warrenty on iDevices. Where did you buy a brand new 2nd generation iPod Touch from three months ago?? We are on generation number 4 now- Apple stopped making and selling the 2G version looong ago. Go ahead and do what you want with your iPod- Apple aren't going to replace your device in case of issue anyway.

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    Apple didnt choose to purpousfully ignore the 2nd / 1st Gen iPods, for such an advanced OS, such as iOS5, there are certain hardware requirements to make sure it runs smoothly and as intended without interruptions.

    The 3rd Gen just about has enough power to run the OS but as far as I am aware, it is a little slow when compared to the 4th Gen, or the more powerful iPhones.

    I am sure that there would be many more 2nd Gen owners complaining if iOS5 was released for it, and failed to meet basic requirements, keeps on crashing, horribly sluggish response times etc...

    Apple is a professional company and I am sure they would have looked into device compatibility issues before the relase of iOS5.

    So in short, nothing can be done about it, stop your moaning, and enjoy your 2nd Gen iPod as it was originally intended.

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    if i cant update to ios 5 on my ipod touch 2gen but apparently you still can... where do i get the upgrade?

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    jaemann wrote:


    if i cant update to ios 5 on my ipod touch 2gen but apparently you still can... where do i get the upgrade?

    you can't. It wont install no matter what you will try.

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    rab_random, I'm sorry, but a post like that isn't helpful at all. You're just saying whatever you feel like without any actual basis on facts.


    Apple, as any other manufacturer, is obliged by LAW to offer some type of warranty. The duration of such warranty varies from country to country, but it's ONE YEAR in most countries (including the US) and TWO YEARS in Europe. And they WILL replace your hardware in case of malfunction, even if it has been discontinued for a long time. How do I know this? My ipod 2G that I bought almost two years ago stopped working due to malfunction and they just gave me an identical replacement.


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    I find it imoral the way apple pulls you in with the whole ios5 is so great but then people like me in college who cant afford the gratest and latest every freaking two months and this update would benifit all of us the fact that you wont take the time to make it for all versions of the ipod toch shows me i made a bad descion in buying this device

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    wow lets see how you feel in the next four months when the new version comes out and you cant download it for such an great company should be able to conpencate all of thier clients besides we still buy the music and the apps so we are still giving them money and just as a thought if you can update your Idevice why are you on here telleing us what we should say

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    Think about it this way, some Android devices NEVER get updated. Even devices shipped this year have a 3 year old OS on them. Be happy Aple isn't like Google, and they actually support their products.

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    DuaneDrummond wrote:


    I find it imoral the way apple pulls you in with the whole ios5 is so great but then people like me in college who cant afford the gratest and latest every freaking two months and this update would benifit all of us the fact that you wont take the time to make it for all versions of the ipod toch shows me i made a bad descion in buying this device

    What I find immoral is the sniveling that goes on when ever something new hits the streets.  If you would stop and take a look at the evolution of consumer electronics you might just notice that "back in the day," vacuum tubes and point to point wiring were considered "state of the art."  Then a couple of really smart guys at Bell Labs came up with a solid state device called a transistor.  That was over 60 years ago.  In the 1950's a simple AM transistor radio was a real luxury, and forget about listening FM or stereo.  In the late '60s we put two men on the moon using onboard computers that were less powerful than most of the personal computers that hit streets in the mid-'80s. And today we have 24/7 news, access to the internet, and some truely amazing devices at our beck and call.


    The bottom line is, what you're witnessing is progress, and without it we still be living in caves and trembling in the darkness.


    OH, BTW:  The proper spelling is immoral.  Another piece of progress at your disposal is called a spell checker......

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    Seriously? That tiny handheld computer that can be controlled just by touching the screen and can connect you to the rest of the world wirelessly is a piece of trash just because you can't easily upgrade to the next OS? Ya it's annoying that Apple makes upgrading unsupported devices a hassle, only to be attempted by those with a wee bit of resourcefulness, but take a second and think about what an amazing piece of technology you hold in your hands, even if it's not the latest, greatest thing.


    **Note: Not defending Apple's lack of support for (slightly) older devices; just their lack of recent products that can be called trash.

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         Hope you feel good about your self notice how you had to insult me to make your point congrats on being ignorant  it must be nice to have money to throw away on every "new thing" note you just tried to compare an IPod to walking on the moon who does that. arguing over someone's opinion is extremely stupid. this discussion is about how people feel about apple forgetting the other customers you should really think before you get on here and rant on people so sorry I made mistake in spelling


      @majanq86yes I agree that I shouldn't call it trash but I will never waste another dime on apple period.I have brought literally every apple product since the 1st ipod till I realized how much money I was spending its outrageous in my opinion even when blackberries and other windows phones come out with new products the older versions can be updated to do almost everything the new one's can for a company that gets billions by the day you would expect them to be able to do the same

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    Why would you buy every Apple product since the first iPod? Do you really need several different types of iPod, and multiple laptops along with multiple desktops computers? Either you really like the products and had to upgrade as soon as something new came out, or you just like throwing away your money on things you don't need. Either way, if you did actually buy literally every Apple product since the first iPod, you can't really blame Apple for wasting your money. That's on you.

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    I have an iPod 2G and wanted to upgrade to iOS 5 but understand it is not something Apple had plans for on this device. Being in the Tech industry i understand about hardware limitations. iOS 5 is pretty hungry for power and the 2nd Gen iPod just does not cut it. Do i like it? NO. But i can understand why Apple did not make it for the device. Will i go out and buy a new iDevice? YES. Apple makes a pretty solid piece of equipment when you get down to it. Just because years ago they did not see this comming down the road or maybe the hardware was just not avaliabale to cram into such a small device at that time is no reason to bash a good product. Kind of saying that my old 1996 car should have the same gas mileage as my brand new 2012 eco car. Technology changes and we change with it. If you must have the new iOS on a device then get the new device as well. And as for Microsoft allowing you to upgrade your stuff to the newest OS.....try installing Windows Phone 7 on an old Windows Phone 6 device....NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Or even Windows 7 on a Windows 98 machine.....again....NOT GONN HAPPEN. Technology and progress....Understand it and life will be a lot happier place.

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    Mate, The 2G iTouch was made in late 08. Not 1996 or 1998.
    I bought this product in early 2010 and I do not like the fact that in less than 2 years in using this product, there is no compatibilty with the new apps due to the new iOS updates coming in.