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I'm getting so frustrated. First the response is "Your computer is just indexing, give it time and it'll get better."


No. No better. It's been 2 months. My computer is HORRIBLY slow. Right now I'm trying to do simple tasks in photoshop that used to be 10 second things in OS X Snow Leopard but are taking upwards of half an hour to process in this damned operating system.


I've been forced to close all unnecessary applications. Full screen applications? Forget it- the system can't handle them. Seriously though- it shouldn't take a 1 year old computer half an hour to shrink a 300dpi, 24"x36" document to 150dpi. This is just upsetting.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1), Especially slow when running Photos
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    I've always disliked the "indexing" explanation.  Partly, perhaps, because I've never seen a noticeable performance drop due to indexing following a major system upgrade.  If indexing is taking a lot of resources and takes more than a couple hours, there's something wrong.


    As to your particular issues, it's hard to say what's going wrong without more information.  I was seeing a lot of beachballs and performance issues, especially when using Aperture or Photoshop Elements, until I upgraded my RAM to 8 GB (from 4 GB).  You may benefit from that as well.


    There are a number of other possibilities, as well as a test you can do to determine difinitively whether you need more RAM, in the second half of Understanding upgrade nightmares*.


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