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    I have this problem as well.  So far, it has occured only when quitting Chrome.  This is my first Mac, and I am generally very satisfied.  However, I want to take care of the problem before the warranty expires and I am not comfortable with the Mac Utilities yet.  Will they do some of the suggested fixes for me at the Mac store?

  • mrlou Level 1 (30 points)

    As far as I know there is no permanent fix at this moment.  Temporary fix is to under apple, system preferences, energy, uncheck box for graphic card switching.  Chrome uses your AMD graphic card.  When you quit Chrome, your computer switches back to the HD3000 card.  Sometimes the switch is not completed.  Everyone who has the problem needs to submit a bug report to Apple if you ever want the problem fixed.  Who knows what the Apple store will do.  Problem is either hardware, firmware or software related.  Computer should be able to recover if Chrome is the problem.  Should automatically turn on HD card if AMD card turns off.

  • kkp12 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks.  I will report to Apple.

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    I had the same problem described for a few months. Took my Spring 2011 15" Macbook Pro to the Apple Store. They were confused as to what it could be. Replaced the Logic Board (under Warranty thankfully). That didn't fix the problem so they have replaced my laptop. This seems to be a recent problem for the new Macbook Pro's. My advice is to take your Macs to the Apple Store and get it replaced!

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    @kkp12 The Apple Geniuses don't know how to fix the problem. I took my laptop into them with the same problem and after a replacement Logic Board did not fix the problem they offered to give me a brand new laptop.

  • mrlou Level 1 (30 points)

    Firefox 9 is out.  It does not call up AMD graphic card when it starts.  Maybe no more blue screens when quiting Firefox.

  • mrlou Level 1 (30 points)

    Forget my last input.  No change, still blue screen when quiting Firefox.  I quess I am too hopefull for a real fix.  AMD card is used after startup.  Until Apple can identify the cause of the problem there is no fix.

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    I believe I had some blue screens also with the "Switch Graphic Cards etc etc" disabled.

    The only workaround at the moment is closing the screen and forcing the Mac to stop.

  • mrlou Level 1 (30 points)

    Does your new laptop use 10.6.8 and has the problem gone away?  My warranty does not run out until end April 2012.  If no fix by Feb 2012, I intend to bring my Macbook Pro to the Apple store.  Part of the price of your Macbook Pro included two functional Graphic cards to extend Battery life by graphic card switching.   If Apple can not fix the problem, Apple owes us compensation or at least an extended warranty.  They have failed to even admit there is a problem after submitting feedback directly to Apple numerous times. 

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    Not sure if anyone else has tried a fresh OS install as a diagnostic step, but at the request of Apple Care, I have just done a completely fresh install of Snow Lepoard on a separate partition on the hard drive.  Didn't install any 3rd party software, so only the OS and the bundled Apple software, all updated via Software Update.  Still getting the blue screen freeze closing iMovie...


    So, we'll see where Apple Care take this now!  I've spoken to numerous Apple Care agents now, including 3 senior advisors, and none of them have known about this issue...

  • mrlou Level 1 (30 points)

    I looked over your mention about Lion users having a similar problem.  I agree,  looks like we have a hardware problem. Zurie proved it.  Logic board needs to be replaced with a board not from the bad batch.  Graphic cards are soldered to the board and are not replaceable.  One of the two boards has a problem.  This is a 2011 Macbook Pro problem for both Snow Leopard and Lion users.  It's time for Apple to admit there is a problem and fix it.

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    Same problem on a 17" MacBook Pro running 10.6.8 with all the software updates when firefox exits.  I'm hoping they can fix this issue on the 10.6 version of the OS since I have mission critical applications that do not run under 10.7.

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    Well, Apple have finally offered to replace my machine in relation to this issue!  Did a full hard drive erase (including zeroing out the drive), then a fresh OSX install, but the issue still occurred.  After this they got me to take it to an Apple Authorised Service Provider for hardware investiagtion.  Nohting showed up on diagnostic tests, so they replaced the logic board.  Unfortunately this didn't fix the problem either, so now Apple are going to send me out a brand new machine...


    I guess it's worth keeping plugging away with Apple to try to get a resolution.  Hopefully, as with others who have had their machines replaced, there won't be a problem with a brand new machine.  I suppose they have to go through the various software and hardware options first before offering replacement machines.


    Why did a replacement logic board not fix my machine?  Not sure!  Perhaps there's a bad batch of locic boards out there that are affected, and the replacement one happened to be one of them as well?!?!

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    Have you had a blue screen since you got your laptop replaced?

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    My son's computer is going to the Apple Store tomorrow, approximately 5000 kms from where he is located, to be checked per Apple's reccommendation for a HW problem. This is a reforb that Apple said they thouroughly tested before reselling. I seriously doubt this is a HW issue as Apple has issued a HW fix for people running 10.7 on the same machine, suspect they are just to cheap or lazy to offer a SW fix for 10.6, the OS these machines originally shipped with.


    Hope I am wrong, but I am very disappointed in Apple's response to this issue :-(

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