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I recently set up an OS X Server for the first time on an Xserve. My previous experience is with linux.

Since I've set up the server, when ssh'ing to the server, my terminal session is constantly hanging. It happens every few minutes. Maybe related is that the WGM app hangs too, even more quickly.

During sessions, I set the network router to DMZ to allow all traffic to the server, and the firewall is off.

I didn't see any other posts like this. Any pointers to where it is discussed or ideas on where to start looking?

PowerBook G4 / OS X Server 10.4, Mac OS X (10.4.4)
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    This sounds like a basic network connectivity issue, not something particular to Mac OS X Server.

    When the ssh session hangs, can you still ping the server (in a separate terminal session)? Are the ping times consistent?

    If the pings stop, too, then there's something on the network that's causing a problem. Are there other hosts in the same LAN as the server that you can ping? Do they exhibit the same problem?
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    Yes, I can ping the server from a seperate session when it happens. A bit more info...

    My server is at another location behind a NAT router with DMZ enabled to the server. All other machines are off at the time. At my end, I'm on a Powerbook, also behind a NAT router. At both ends, the network connectivity seems to be running fine.

    This issue does not happen when I am at the server's location on the same subnet. Also, when it does happen, it always is when I have paused activity for several seconds (like when reading something) or when I take the focus off the terminal session window. I can actually recreate the problem by doing one of these two things.

    Thanks for your help!

    PowerBook G4 / OS X Server 10.4 Mac OS X (10.4.4)
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    Maybe a tcp time-out on the NAT router?
    Does the problem occur after a consistent period of inactivity?

    You can set the client to tickle the connection to keep nat connections live.

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    Thanks. I'll give that a try and let you know.
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    I can't believe I didn't mark this as answered! The last post fixed the problem. Thanks!