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Hi apple users,


after the last update of OSX Lion, my iCal stopped synchroising with the Mail.app. This is the setup i use:


- I have an Exchange 2007 address which is hosted by my company and pushed to my iPhone and OSX Lion laptop

- when one of my contacts sends an outlook calendar event, it is received well on the iPhone and as a message in the Mail inbox

- BUT for some reasons the iCal using the same account and showing the calendar does not receive the same invite in parallel anymore nor creates an event from an accepted invitation received in Mail

- meanwhile, when i create an event directly in the iPhone or the iCal, they both synchronise perfectly each way (i.e. through the account on the Exchange host server).


HAs anyone experienced the same problem and been able to fix it?


thanks for any help

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)