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Wow. We just got three brand spanking new iMacs at work. Issues galore. Bluetooth keyboards are junk, randomly typing letters, disconnecting, and let's face it, they're pretty useless to begin with for office work. One iMac kept restarting itself over and over until finally it just wouldn't turn back on. Mine has the opposite problem, it won't shut off. Three times in one week I've shut down at the end of the day only to come back in the morning and the shut down screen is still there, with the stupid little circular "progress" bar spinning away. Every once in a while, the Apple key quits responding, no matter which keyboard I use. So I have to restart to get it back.


What is going on? Has Apple finally started producing hardware for our disposable society? Are these not supposed to be as durable, because we'll just replace them in a few years? We fought hard to stay on Macs at work, and I don't think we'll win that battle next time.

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    This is a user-to-user help forum. Is there a question here or just venting?

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    That isn't typical of Apple hardware or software, current or past. Venting here might make you feel bettyer, but we're all just users like you. You probably need to talk to Apple to get those problems sorted out.


    One thought, though: Were these replacements for older Macs? If so, how did you transfer everything from the old Macs to the new ones? If you used a cloning application lile Super Duper or Carbon Copy Cloner, or if you restored from a backup, you get just about everything, good or bad, from the old Mac. That often leads to unexpected results. It's usually better to use Apple's Migration Assistant to transfer via FireWire directly from the old Mac to the new, or from a recent Time Machine backup if you have one. You get a lot less garbage that way.