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Sometimes the address bar is blank (save the "Go to this address" message.) Other times, it reads only the hompage address for a site I visit. For example, if I'm reading CNN.com, it will only show "www.cnn.com" no matter what page within cnn.com I go. So, for example, if I want to copy the address of a certain article, I cannot copy it from the address bar as that will only give me "http://www.cnn.com."


Other times, if I visit cnn.com, for example, and then create a new tab and go to apple.com, the new tab will not show apple's web address, but remain as cnn.com's address. If I decide I need to reload apple's website, it will reload CNN's as that is what's in the address bar.


Does anyone have a fix to this?

Solved by airgun on Oct 1, 2011 6:04 AM Solved

this happened to me too.  for one reason or another, the url address disappeared and i kept getting "go to this address".  but found this to work:


1. minimize your screen

2.  under the "view" menu, click "show toolbar". 

3. when you maximize your screen, the url address should now be there. 


hope it works.