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    I just encountered the problem with the session timed out issue.  I removed all the cookies and that solved the problem.

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    @claude34: I detest endless forums of clueless folks bashing away in the dark, but being in the dark myself, I wanted to thank "claude34" for his post.


    The error: "Your session has timed out. Try again." after receiving a new "Terms and Conditions" acceptance:


    Clearing out Safari's cookies, despite this being an iTunes issue, on my ol Mac Mini, 10.4.11, iTunes 9.2,

    DID solve this issue for which there are hundreds (if not thousands?) of posts out there.


    Cookies are rarely useful beyond what you're doing at the moment, so as he says, open Safari preferences, and wipe out your cookies. Be done with them. I also found that I had set the limit to 5mb

    out of miserly age, and three companies had set up 5mb databases. Nothing more could be created. Baah.



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    I have a mac ibook (powerPC G4) which is considered obsolete. Had to reinstall itunes 9.2.1 and create new account, as accidentally updated to itunes 10.5 which gave me the error msg 'this account has not been used in itunes previously' with the option to REVIEW which then gave me the 'session timed out message' everytime i tried review in order to purchase music. THIS IS NOW FIXED - Hurrah!! There  are two things for you to try:

    1. Open Safari and go to Preferences. Click Security tab and untick boxes for 'Fraudulent sites..' and for 'Ask before sending an unsecure....etc', also click to accept all cookies. Also go into cookies and remove all cookies (you may get away with just deleting apple cookies but this is the way i did it).  Close safari and now open new itunes session and try again. DONT FORGET TO RESET your security again in safari.

    2. If that doesnt work. You need to log onto someone else's PC that runs a version of itunes, ideally a newer version, then sign in as you and accept the terms and conditions and set up your payment details.  I got this done as a result of going into an apple store and they logged onto an ipad for me and i typed in my login and password and then accepted T&Cs.  Once the terms and conditions are accepted this is half (in my case) or all the answer (in other discussions I have read) .  Once i got home i could then get into my account, which I couldnt previously and got further along the purchasing path but then got the session timed out msg again. However,  I then made the changes to safari as shown above in 1. and was then able to complete a purchase.  Perhaps I should also have made my first purchase on the ipad in the store to fully have made it work.

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I was ready ban iTunes for life and toss my computer out the window. Like everyone here on this discussion I have wasted lots of time communicating with apple assistance to no avail.  I have to say the support people were friendly and quick to respond, but they don't understand that this is an iTunes problem - not my ISP, not my computer, not my dog, not the position of the moon to venus.


    Long rant short - I took your advice and my problem has been solved. I am forever grateful and will sing your praises... and pass on the info to others that I know are suffering the same fate. Thanks again!


    By the way - in response to one of the items above - my iMac does have an intel processor and I still had this problem, so it's not the Power PC vs Intel. Justan FYI.

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      Thank you all so very much for taking the time to help us.  I, too, have an Intel Mac with 10.4.11. Deleting my cookies did the trick!  After only one email from Apple's "expert" Deepak, who stated it was my computer, I found this forum. I did not want to waste my time trying to get an answer with someone who told me to "have a good day ahead".


    It is amazing   that Apple does not know the answer to this simple solution, especially considering it prevents one from spending $ there!!


    Again, many thanks.

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    yes, after many hours of frustrating internet searches, and calls to my broadband provider to see whether there was a known incompatibility with Mac, I followed the advice here and cleared all my cookies and then - voila - the 'session has timed out' error disappeared and I can now purchase from iTunes again. Yes, it's really odd that Apple don't seem to have grasped something as simple as this, which makes me wonder if it's a known issue with them and embarrassing for them to admit that iTunes has this problem.....

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    Tried everything, the one thing that helped, I relogged in itunes store.

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