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I've my iPhone 4, two iPads & 1 iPod Touch for the kids. I purchased apps, movies, and music using my iTunes account, and the apps/movies can be shared among the device. At this moment, all my devices are sync to my MacBook Pro.


Problems arise recently -


1). My MacBook HD is running out of space, since the apps/movies/TV shows/ etc occupied over 100GB of harddisk space. The kids do not want me to delete anything, but I have no choice.


a). My wife has a 17" MacBook Pro with more space. Is it possible to move all iTunes purchase to her MacBook (and authorize her computer)? If yes, how to do it? Note that my wife have been sync her iPhone with that Mac as well (her own iTunes account).


b). I still want to keep my iTunes (Apple ID) on my MacBook, but ONLY for sync my iPhone4. Is it possible? Also how to avoid iTunes automatically download the movies/music that were purchased on my kids' iPads? Whenever I open iTunes, it automatically download those Disney Channel stuff which I don't want to


2). A little off topic. I have an Apple TV - used to work fine. It plays any purchased moive/TV show from my iTunes (my Mac). Recently (after unplugged for a month) it doesn't work. It ask me to go to iTunes stores to authorize the computer (my Mac is already authorized, but I don't see why Apple TV need to be authorized). Right now, if the kids want to watch their episodes on TV, they have to watch it from the Cloud, "wasting" my limited bandwidth



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3), iPAD
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    1-a  Follow these instructions:  iTunes for Mac - How to copy purchases between computers:  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1373


    1-b You can use or sync your purchases from the iTunes Store on up to five different computers (these can be any mix of Macintosh or Windows-compatible computers). When you sync or play an item you've purchased, your computer is "authorized" for purchase using your Apple ID.  Or you can use the iTunes Store menu > Authorize this computer.  You can authorize a computer with mpre than one Apple ID.  You can disable the automatic downloads by reversing the steps taken to enable them.  See Tunes Store: How to enable Automatic Downloads, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4539 mmOjn yopur computer, uncheck music, apps and books in iTunes > Preferences > Store.  On the iPads, go to Settings > Store and turn off automatic downloads for music, apps and books.


    2.  Try the suggestions for Apple TV (1st generation) may not play content purchased from the iTunes Store, http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1359

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    I'm going to slightly disagree with Jim and suggest that you not sync the content on your laptop to your wife's laptop. It might cause more difficulties in syncing than you want to deal with.


    Instead I'm going to make the suggestion that you find a reputable computer shop in your area and just upgrade the size of the HDD.