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  • Rambo44 Level 1 (0 points)

    I did communicate few times with MJ tech support regarding Call Forwarding has stopped working and iPhone's FreeTalk App related issues and I end up talking with their different engineers few times and no one mentioned to me that I can use only one iPhone connect to my MJ account. One iPhone didn't work so I tried second iPhone and that never worked so I tried third iPhone but never entered my account info to login but rather select 3rd option (I only want to make a FREE call right now, you can choose another option later). That third iPhone works great with TalkFree and sounds quality is much better then other iTune's App.


    So many MJ customers has few iPhones and iPads in their house and they will attempt to try out MJ App in their device so MJ must understand this situation and MJ must give us control of our MJ account to delete or remove those unwanted entries  which was created by iPhones and MJ tech must fix this problem at their end. Right now they just giving us BS that once we registered with new iPhone id then we are screwed and we cannot remove neither they can remove it from our account also we cannot remove MJ app from our iPhone either. My advice to MJ Tech why they bring this TalkFree App in iTunes? screw their existing customers?


    I have full conversation log copied and MJ Tech never mentioned to me that one device for one account.


    I have three iPhones and two iPads in my house and one MJ so if I try MJ with every devices then I will be screwed?


    Tech support keep telling I will get call and email when they fix my problem but no email and no call.


    I am keep going to open trouble ticket till they fix my problem so keep filing your complaints.

  • Z0RrO Level 1 (0 points)

    In the MJ app, there is a button labelled "Forget me on this device" which is found in the Account tab.  My guess is that button will remove the device from the current account so you can switch account.  The thing is, when you hit that button, you get back to the login screen.


    My question is the following : If you are are really stuck with one account once you have registered, why would this button return the user to the login screen ?


    My guess is that button does not work and does not forget the device for the account.

  • Rambo44 Level 1 (0 points)

    That forget me on this device button is useless and doesn't do any thing at all.

    That button should re-lebled as Foreget MJ On Every Device.

  • dennyh289 Level 1 (0 points)

    MJ support chat told me today that the Ipod App only works with *phonenumbers.

    Maybe they will change this later. 

    I will let my MJ App account expire and then see if they have fixed this.


    TalkaTone App and my Google number are much more user friendly on my ipod touch.

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    Hi , i did  what you said , and on the iphone it show  as the number  now. and when i call it ,it only rang to the phone once, it always goes  direct to voice mail , but when i dial out it show the correct number,  what should i do, and how to correct it  ,

  • Rambo44 Level 1 (0 points)

    Once you installed FreeTalk on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch and entered your MagicF*** Userid and a Password then you are screwed. You cannot remove FreeTalk completely out from your iPhone to get three choice selection menu.


    Sorry for my bad lang. I apologize.


    I have filed many complaints with MagicJack Tech Support over three months ago and no response and no fix. Talk to them few times but their tech services ***** and I am not sure why Apple allowed MagicJack FreeTalk on their AppStore??


    FreeTalk sound quality is superior then TalkaTone and netTALK.


    Today I uninstalled and installed FreeTalk and all I get one screen menu to log in with my magicjack userid and a password so I logged in and trying to call but nothing happens. When I go Account menu and check my status is Ready to Call and I can see my MagicJack phone number and try to dial out but no response. Cannot dial out or receive call. When I go to Advance and click on Forget me on this device and its not working.


    Same on MagicJack that they cannot fix their apps.


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  • edward144 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just talked to customer support today.  Issues still not resolved.  Informed me there is no way to delete my iPhone from my MJ account.  They did say that my subscription ends DEC 31, not that I expect anything to happen that date.  I also tried creating a second free account on an iPod.  Neither of those can log onto the others account.  With that being said, as discussed earlier, if you sell your phone, there is no way that anyone could use the phone with the app. 


    Has anyone tried a delete, restore, re-install?

  • paulfromboca raton Level 1 (0 points)

    When you set the app up they link your iphone imei and serial number. You would think someone in there tech center could delete it and let you re do it.

  • Rambo44 Level 1 (0 points)



    I did called few times and ask MagicJack Tech support to remove my two iPhones registered from my account but TechSupport told me they cannot and I cannot remove too.


    Keep calling and complaining regarding this matter to Tech Support and don't forget, please send them an email and file your complaint...





  • gregory197 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes I tried restore don't work, i tried to go on the app settings, advanced and forghet me on this device but don't work.

  • Rambo44 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, I am having same problem with my two iPhones and third iPhone I tried with my friend's iPhone. Please keep filing complaint through MagicJack Support Tech and post back here.


    Thanks for your post.

  • phuocfromorlando Level 1 (0 points)

    Each of us should send the link of this discussion to magicjack everyday untill they respond for this issue.

    I do it now!

  • Rambo44 Level 1 (0 points)

    Great idea!

    I will talk with live chat MagicJack Support Tech and send them this link and let them aware what is going on.


    Happy New Year to ALL!

  • PCristina Level 1 (0 points)

    My app keeps trying to connect and continues to flash the "a few seconds to make call" message screen. I can not stop it and removal and reload doesn't effect it at all.

  • albodavid Level 1 (0 points)

    OK, so I had the same problem but it is solved now.  Let me  tell you about it.


    The fact that you can't connect to the app and keeps showing "a few seconds to free calls" happens because the Iphone App expired, and yu can check that bu going to  log in and you will see under subscriptions.  There is no way to renew it though.


    I originally downloaded that app and chose to get a fre enumber so I had a *xxxxxxxxxx* number and then I bought a magicjack plus device so I had a real american number.  As you know there is no way to change it.


    So let me tell you how I got this two problems fixed.


    I filled 2 complaints, 1 with the Better Business Bureau and 1 with the Federal Trade Commissions.  After filling those complaints and being EXTREMELLY rude with the supervisors in the chat support for Magicjack the changed the crappy number and linked it to my magicjack number so I can use the real number with my iphone app now.  Of course I was also able to log in because they changed the expiration date to some day in June or July, once that day comes up I will have to fight with them again, but I still have half year anyways hehehe, I will take care of that later.


    Just so you know they even deactivated the magicjack app from my account so I could get the log in screen inthe Iphone App so I could chose the option USE EXISTING ACCOUNT so I could enter the information (login) for my Magicjack Plus device.


    Magicjack customer service is nothing but crap, they fixed it after the complaints and after I started to be rude to them, if you arenice to them they will not help you at all.

    Go ahead and fill th complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commissions online (and let the operators and supervisors in the chat know) and they will help you.


    The actual service if good, it works perfect for me in the Iphone through Wifi or 3G and at home with the Magicjack Plus device it is a charm!


    Fight for your rights!



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