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    ITGUY4HIRE has the correct innfo. I did what he said and it worked. I now get and make calls on my iPad using Magic Jack call free ap, and people see my magic jack number instead of the random funny number they used to see.

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    go see itguy4hire's post it worked for me, I might add that a reinstall of the MJ app helped afterwards.

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    Hi baneVader,


    Please post clear instruction what and how did you did and how is working for you. We all removed MJ FreeTalk few times and installed but nothing is working.



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    This is for people that want to make and/or receive calls from their iPad using Magic Jack's "talkfree" app and want their magic jack phone number to be id'ed on outgoing calls and to be used for incoming calls to the iPad, instead of the random funnny number that was assigned to the iPad when they first enabled the app.


    1. Have a magic jack number that you got by paying them for a usb dongle

    2. Perform the simple, but non-intuitive, steps outlined in itguy4hire's excellent post (find it in this thread)

    3. This step is optional (I had to do it for complete functionality) Delete the magic jack app from the iPad by holding your finger on its icon on the iPad screen and then pressing the "X", Reinstall the app by going to iTunes with your iPad connected, select your iPad, select apps, find the app, re-check the enable button and them apply or sync. Open the app on your iPad and log in, you will now be using your MagicJack number


    It works great, I had the same issues you all did. I now make and receive calls on my iPad to and from my magic jack number using the app. I really like it and thank itguy4hire for his excellent post

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    I think that the ITGUY4HIRE reply, as well as others, do not address the original issue, which I have now experienced myself.


    MagicJack (VocalTec Inc) does not offer direct support for the app, only online chat support for setting up and troubleshooting the MagicJack. I have contacted three different people at MagicJack with only the "submit a comment on iTunes store" response. The issue is that they store you iPad's MAC address and/or serial number without you knowing, and it is hidden from you in their online account info. They simply do not have the systems to easily delete the iPad so the app can be re-installed AND reassociated with a new number/account. Even reloading your iPad/iPhone does nothing.


    My solution is simple, everyone with this issue should contact VocalTec AND Apple iTunes Support to complain, as did I. If enough people complain, maybe Apple will get on VocalTec and force them to deal with this with an update to their app, and their online account access.


    If you log into the account you are trying to delete, don't bother using the "forget this device" button, as it does nothing except log you out.


    Hope someone resolves this soon. Patiently waiting..... anyone know how to send a virus through an online chat window...teehee.

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    I started this thread over 4 months ago, and RobTheRenoMan has addressed it correctly whereas many people have totally missed the point.  I originally had this on my iPhone 4 and now I have an iPhone 4s, so if I sell my iPhone 4, and the buyer wants to use MagicJack, I would assume they would have a problem. I Do not think I will as the buyer does not have my password. I also have it on both my iPad and iPad 2.


    I agree with Rob about what we should do, but it is going to take a lot more than the few people who have posted here to make a difference.

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    "Hope someone resolves this soon. Patiently waiting..... anyone know how to send a virus through an online chat window...teehee."



    That'd be possible by social engineering but, lets not get in to that hehe xP

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    I agree with every sentences and keep filing complaints to MagicJack as well as Apple..

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    This is great post. I will file complaint behalf of my buyer and ask them to remove or buy my iPhone 4. If I sell my iPhone 4 and buyer wants to use MagicJack then he will be screwed.

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    Thanks, stgpepa and Rambo44. Consumers have power, we just need enough people to actively participate, and we can move mountains. Apple Support... Are you listening? Some developer just sold something on YOUR store that disables a key feature, the ability to completely uninstall an APP so it can be reinstalled as a true FRESH install. They have found a way to circumvent YOUR iOS, and take an iPad/iPhone hostage! MagicJack App downloaders beware, VocalTec offers NO support, and Apple seems unaware (or just doesnt care) that this is happening.

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    Hi RobTheRenoMan,


    You said 110% correct about iPhones and iPads are hostage or hijacked by FreeTalk and I cannot sell my old iPad due to my buyer cannot use FreeTalk because I already registered to my MagicJack account..


    Someone needs to find out how to change serial numbers or mac numbers for iPhones or iPads.


    Please keep filing complaints to Apple and MagicJack.


    Thanks for your help and support,



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    Resolved! For me anyway. Squeaky wheel gets the grease!


    I emailed Apple iTunes Support, and VocalTec Inc. directly ( ITunes support contacted me yesterday, and again today, to say they resolved the issue, though nothing changed. Then I got an email response from Magic Jack, in response to my email to VocalTec, and they resolved the issue by deleting the unwanted account association. Right away I was able to launch the Talk Free app and select "use existing MJ account". I tested, and can now use my iPad (on WiFi) to call out using my MJ account that is on my home phone.


    Hope this info helps anyone else out there. If they get enough response, maybe they will correct it for everyone!

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    That is great news, Rob. Would you please publish the email and as well as the addresses you have sent it to, so we can create a template and just entering the necessary details like account email address and MJ phone number and whatever these so-called MJ "engineers" need to remove the MJ account association from the iPhone, iPad or iPod. Thanks.



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    Hi Rob,


    Please post full details with emails, phone numbers and contact person's name etc. etc. so we all could get help and resolve our issues.


    Thank you,


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    Any one tried ???

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