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  • RobTheRenoMan Level 1 Level 1

    Hi everyone, sorry for taking so long with this. I got busy at work and forgot to do this...


    I contacted the owners of MJ first, at VocalTec, using this email address...



    Then I got a response, not from VocalTec, but MJ customer care, and that email was this...


    They fixed it from there end, but the APP is still not updated to resolve it on everyone's iPad, so you can guarantee that this can and will continue to happen! Maybe if enough people complain, they will update their APP.


    <E-maild Edited by Host>

  • MLynch8973 Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same issue of uninstalling and reinstalling the MagicJack app on my iPhone.  I was unable to change from a "random" number the app assigned to my current MagicJack telephone number.  I got online on my account at, went to the "Mobile APP" tab, and was able to switch it to my current MagicJack phone number.  I hope this helps a few of you out there who are having the same issue.

  • Clay Schneider Level 2 Level 2

    I think you might be missing the point here.  At least for me, it's not so much that I can't change the number [which I could do], but the fact that if you remove the app and re-install it, it will not give you the choices you had when you installed it the very first time.  And since it does not give you those choices even after you do a full 'factory reset' on your device [as has been tried by more than one poster in this thread], how do you sell your device some time down the road?  Tell the buyer never to install the app since it will go back to your account?  Real account or random number doesn't really matter -- it's still your account as you note by the fact that you have to go the the MJ site to change anything.

  • jzb_99 Level 1 Level 1

    hellow everybody, I have same problem... can't get back to original installation and also can't log in with my e-mail on my Iphone as i always get a message "your device is not on this account" !!!

    any idea,,,,,,,,

  • jamesoncole Level 1 Level 1

    Here below is a belated response I got from the MJ people. 


    First, let me explain what my problem with Magic Jack is.  I purchased the original MJ, had it for about a year, in spite of the poor voice.  Then when the MJ+ came out, I bought it and was fairly happy with it.  Then we got an IPAD2 as a gift and (unfortunately) noticed the app.  After installing it, I was unhappy with the way it worked so deleted the app.  Then I discovered the MJ+ wasn't working correctly.  I kept getting the error 1 message saying I wasn't connected to the Internet (even though I was).  Through trial and error, I discovered the MJ+ did not work when it was connected to my router (as it is supposed to).  However, it did work when it is connected directly to my PC. 


    Well, this is unsatisfactory because the MJ+ wasn't working as advertised.  I did notice that when I plugged the MJ+ into the PC, that the phone number showing on the soft pad was my correct phone number.  However, when I plugged the MJ+ into my router, the phone number switches to the *xxxxxxxxxx* number and the system doesn't work.  I can neither call nor receive calls.  It appears to me that all magic jack would need to do is to eliminate the ** number and replace it with my correct phone number.


    After many hours of wasted time on the chat with their techs, I searched the web and found this blog.  Then I sent an email to with a complaint.  I got an immediate response saying "Marvin" would help me.    After a brief response from Marvin asking me if the blue light was on (duh), I waited a few days, then sent another email saying I was going to register a complaint with iTunes.  Then I got the following response the next day saying the procedure below was what I needed to do to correct the problem.


    I am not technically proficient so I don't have a clue as to whether their procedure will work.  Based on my experiences with them and what I've read on this blog, I am afraid to try this and thought I'd see what the community thought of their procedure.


    Procedure follows:


    Dear James,


    We are sorry for the delay, however, we need to reset your Device Manager drivers. Please perform the following steps.


    Please check for yellow Exclamation and red X mark in device manager:


    1. Click on Start then Run (if you cannot see RUN then press and hold down the Windows Flag Key on your keyboard while pressing letter R) then type "devmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) then click OK.


    Update other DO blocks with these


    2. Device Manager window will show up. Take note of any red-x mark or yellow excalamation marks.




    At Device Manager window, click + sign next to Disk drives.Do you see YMAX MagicJack USB Device or Tigerjet Hard Disk Drive or USB Combo HD Device?


    If yes, please uninstall ymax MagicJack device:

    1. Right click on YMAX MagicJack USB Device and select Uninstall.
    2. Right click on the Tigerjet Disk Drives and select Uninstall.
    3. Click + sign next to CD / DVD drives.
    4. Right click on YMAX MagicJack USB Device and select Uninstall.
    5. Now, right click on any installed device under Device Manager and select "Scan for Hardware Changes".
    6. Click on the + sign next to Universal Serial Bus controllers.
    7. Right click on the Universal Host Controller. Go to "Uninstall"


    Restart your magicJack softphone:


    1. On the softphone click on Menu > Advanced Users > Restart. Your magicJack dialpad will restart.
    2. Try to place a call afterwards


    Please let us know how it works.

  • PixelDfromMB Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same issue as Clay Schneider.  My son had MagicJack installed on his iPod4, and was given a MJ number (the funny ones with the *numbernumber*) that was his own after he signed up for an account.  The app worked well for him, but we had to replace his iPod due to a defect in his screen (YAY for Apple Support!).


    When he signed into the app on his new iPod (after we restored it from the backup of his old iPod), his information was no longer there, nor were any of the login options.

    When opening the app, the splash screen appears, and then a message that says "initializing", after which the keypad screen opens.


    If I go to the "account" tab, where his number used to be, it simply says "free calls", with no number.  Additionally his contacts are all gone.


    I spent well over an hour with a very patient support person named "Bucky", but no matter what I tried, I could not invoke the login screen on the MJ app.  I deleted the app numerous times, rebooted the iPod, restored it more than once and finally restored the iPod to factory settings and then set it up again as a new iPod.


    I had deleted the app from both the iPod and iTunes, and then reinstalled from the App Store on the iPod, but still no login screen.


    It's as though the app is storing some information on the iPod that remains even after wiping the iPod to factory settings.


    Edited a second time to add:  The "forget me on this device" option seems to be useless.



    Further editing to add that I walked away from the iPod for a few minutes to make this post, and upon signing in to check the wording of "forget me on this device" - I discovered that it had magically fixed itself and the option to login and retrieve his old number was there. 


    Message was edited by: PixelDfromMB to improve clarity.

  • RobTheRenoMan Level 1 Level 1

    People People People, read the other posts! Sgtpepa and RobTheRenoMan already discussed this. Do NOT bother with the "chat" help as this is run by someone reading from scripts, and does not address the issue. The issue is with the MJ system itself storing info on their server, not our iPad/iPod. You MUST get MJ to reset your account on their server. I (RobTheRenoMan) included the emails I responded to in a previous post, and got them to remove the iPad from my account on their server. Then I reinstalled the app and everything worked.


    PLEASE... Read all the other posts before you post. The answers are there. Only mass amounts of complaints to VocalTec directly will prompt a change. Apple seems to not care that VacalTec (Magic Jack) is selling an app that takes your device hostage. They simply told me to contact the developer and then post my findings on this forum, which are in a previous post!


    Another quick note to Apple, if you are listening, you really shouldn't allow a developer to sell such a proprietary app on your iTunes store. It will keep people from buying used iPads/Pods/Phones, which in turn keeps those sellers from buying new ones. Think about it, not a great marketing strategy. Steve would be very disappointed.

  • Z0RrO Level 1 Level 1

    Here is a generic template for this issue:





    When I downloaded the magicjack application on my iPhone, I created a temporary account so I could test the service. Now, I would like to use my existing account with my iPhone but I cannot since my iPhone is bound with an unwanted 'temporary account'.



    My magicjack existing account is 'enter real email' which has the MJ number 'enter your MJ number'.



    The unwanted magicjack account is bound with 'enter unwanted email'



    I would like you to delete everything related to 'enter unwanted email' so I can use the magicjack application on my iPhone.



    Thank you


    Fill in the template with your informations and send it to

    That person was able to fix my issue within a day and I was able to use my MJ account.


    Hope it helps!

  • amauryant Level 1 Level 1

    G.N ppl


    I've sent two emails to this contact that u provide to us, but I'm not get any anwers, any idea?

    I really need erease an old magicjack acc from my device, To be able to use my current number on my iPod touch!


    Plz help!!!!



  • Rambo44 Level 1 Level 1



    I sent few emails to fix my MagicJack account but no reply and no luck of fixing it yet.

    I have three iPhones and one iPad 1 is stuck with MagicJack apps.


    I bought two brand new iPad 3 and try out FreeTalk and never entered my own MagicJack Userid and password and sound quality is awesome compare to Talkatone and Nettalk. I just bought this two new iPads to check it out and I will be returning back.


    Please keep filing compaliants to MagicJack and APPStore...


    If any get positive response and fixed up their accounts then please post the details so we must follow up immediatley.


    Thank you so much for the updates and taking time to make postings.



  • denzity Level 1 Level 1

    Still no replies? I hope there would be some progress any time soon.

  • sail4ever Level 1 Level 1

    My chat today:

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'Scarlet'

    Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK

    Scarlet: Hello, how may I help you?

    AW: Hi Scarlet. I have a question. My account associated with this number will expire at the end of June. I have 2 iPhones and 2 iPads associated with this account. I do not wish to renew. What happens when I sell the iPhone after June 30 (after the account expires) and the new owners want to install MagicJack with their number?

    Scarlet: If you will sell the iPhone and then the next user will download the magicJack APP, they cannot get a new number anymore, your iphone is already registered to magicJack.

    AW: but the account will be expired.

    Scarlet: Yes, the account will be expired.

    AW: why?

    AW: I mean the iPhone will be attached to my account until it's dying day??????

    AW: No matter what????

    Scarlet: One moment please...

    Scarlet: Thank you patiently waiting.
    As what I double checked it here in our end. It will last the magicJack App on your iPhone till your iPhone is till functioning and you cannot register a new account for that iPhone if you already registered that iPhone to magicJack App.

    AW: Sorry I do not understand your previous comment. I think what you said is that as long as my iPhone is in good working order the new owners of my iPhone can NEVER register a new account for this iPhone as this iPhone is already registered on the MagicJack servers under the previous owners account. Am I correct?

    Scarlet: Yes, that is right.

    AW: Sorry Scarlet that does not make sense to me. What if you were to remove this iPhone from my account? Would it be possible for the new owners to create a new account?

    AW: Or add this iPhone to their existing account?

    Scarlet: It is not possible anymore that new owner can create a new account if the iPhone is already registered to magicJack APP.

    Scarlet: It is like a magicJack device that once it is registered, you cannot re- register it again.

    AW: What do you suggest to solve this problem. I would be pretty upset if I purchased an iPhone and I was an existing MagicJack customer (or a new one for that matter) and I could not use the app on the phone I just bought.

    Scarlet: One moment please...

    Scarlet: Thank you patiently waiting.

    They only thing that I can  suggest for that is to format your iPhone before you sell .

    AW: I was more thinking long the lines if I bought a second hand iPhone and the MagicJack app was installed on it previously. Reformatting the iPhone does not erase the data as I understand it as it is stored on your server and not the iPhone.


    Scarlet: It will erase all the information that was installed on your iphone , since uninstall and reinstall will not effect .

    AW: I just bought a second hand iPhone. This second hand iPhone had magicJack installed on it previously. This iPhone was re-formatted before I bought it. I install MagicJack from the app store. What happens now?

    Scarlet: Is that iPhone included for the 2 iPhone that  you have?

    AW: No

    Scarlet: Okay.

    Scarlet: May I know if you already registered magicJack App on that iPhone and select a phone number?

    AW: No, it keeps saying it's already locked to an account

    AW: And not my account

    Scarlet: Okay.

    AW: What do you recommend I do?

    Scarlet: In that case you can no longer register that iPhone once it is already register. The one that I said to you is only a suggestion. I checked it again here in our server, each iphone  that you register have a serial number for that and once it is registered , you can no longer re registered it into different account.

    AW: So I should sell this iPhone to someone that will NEVER EVER use magicJack.

    AW: There is no way for ANYONE in your company to de-activate that serial number in your servers EVER as you mentioned even when the account goes inactive the serial number does NOT get deleted from your servers.

    AW: Does that make sense to you?

    Scarlet: I understand for that.

    Scarlet: That is not possible anymore because even if your magicJack App is already deactivated it is still save here in our server and we cannot reset it anymore.

    Scarlet: It just like a magicJack device that it cannot be reset once it registered.

    AW: Do you think that will ever be changed? I would think the iPhone and iPad community is not too happy with this? They would have to transfer their MagicJack account to the new owners of the iPhone or iPad.

    Scarlet: For now, I cannot give you yet a complete details if that will be changed, since they only update that we have for now is it cannot be reset.

    Scarlet: If ever it will be changed it will be posted to our site.

    Scarlet: Is there anything else I may help you with today?

  • Rambo44 Level 1 Level 1

    Yup, I had three times same live communications with MagicF*$K idiots and never reset or erase my registered serial numbers. I am stuck with my 3 iPhones for life.


    Keep talking to them and tell them to visit this and ask them to read this link...




  • iPhone_Warrior Level 3 Level 3

    If you sell your phone all you need to do is erase the phone. Settings > General > Reset> Erase All Content and Settings.

    This will remove the app and you should not have any issues.

  • Rambo44 Level 1 Level 1

    Nope, I did it few times and when I installed TalkFree and asking for same account and password option but I cannot select FREE option.

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