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    PEOPLE search google for the solution !!!....  apple website is filtering discussion

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    Just sent following email to the bigger group as mentioned by one user on previous page.


    Here is the problem in simple words.

    User installs MagicJack iPhone app and using email address, he uses it once either by free number of by paid number. Now same user or new iPhone owner can't use MagicJack app on this phone if the email address is not

    Solution One: Why MagicJack wants to save the iPhone id at their servers? UserID/Email address and password should be enough like so many financial institutions follow same practice. So if MagicJack can remove the iPhone id from their database, it would easily resolve the problem.

    Solution Two: Mention this dilemma or scenario very clearly on your web site as well as on iPhone app store page of 'TalkFree' application. This will at least safe 10000s of hours of so many customers and your support folks wasting their time on this KNOWN ISSUE.



    Your newest user who does not want to continue with this device.


    <E-mails Edited by Host>

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    Good News everyone!!!


    I just tried to do this a few minutes ago and then I was able to enable my magic jack again...

    I tried removing the MJ app in itunes, changed my iphone name in itunes and then click sync...


    But the steps below, I think, did the trick...

    First, I remove the magic jack application from my iphone and then I logged in at using my magicjack login name and password.  Under the Phone Numbers tab, below the device status, I just clicked the renew button and then a message told me that it was already added to my cart.  So, I went to the account tab and then click the Order Status option, then you will see the renewal of MJ order and you can also see that it's free.  So, after that, (I don't really recall the exact button), just click order or whatsoever, I'm sorry but I really can't recall, just order it anyway, it's for free.  An error message appeared, but when I go back to the Phone Numbers - Device Status page, I can already see that my MJ account was already renewed until March 4, 2014. Then after that I reinstalled MJ in my Iphone and to my surprise my MJ is fully working again.  Now, I was able to call my relatives and friends in US and Canada again for FREE!!!!


    I hope this will work for you too...

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    You are not addressing the real problem. I am the one who started this thread, and the real problem is that you cannot get rid of the app once it is registered. So if you sell or give away your phone, the person getting it needs to have your info to use the app as it is registered to the original owner and they cannot get it switched.


    Your reply was you were able to get yours working again for free. I AM TRYING TO BE SURE THAT IT NEVER WORKS AGAIN!!!!!!!

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    Have you tried to login to MagicJack online and unlinked your phone from there?


    Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 10.16.36 PM.png

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    ABSOLUTELY and it does not work. the only one who seems to have figured a way to correct this is to jailbreak the phone which I do not want to do in order to fool Magic Jack. Apple is happy to censor the responses when it mentions jailbreak, and may censor this one, but they wash their hands of getting this solved. I am a big Apple fan, but they are a bunch of buck passers on this one.

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    O, I'm sorry if I wasn't able to address the real problem.  Maybe I'm just excited that my MJ in my iphone is working already. Anyway, I have a suggestion, this is just a work around, I don't know if this will work, but I think it's worth a try...


    Try adding another email address in the Account - Manage Login option from the MJ site (of course, you have to login first using your email), in this case the email address of the person to whom you are giving your fone or at least create a new account that you want to give to the new owner and then make it as the default email.  Then, maybe you can now delete your old email account from MJ and hopefully the iphone will now use the new account you created. I hope this will work. =)



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    There's just no way unless someone from outside magicJack community can do something about this. I had work as a chat support for magicJack before and I'll honestly tell you they don't have any fixes for this. To save your time don't bother chatting the agents regarding this issue, you will just be presented will BS statements that is irrelevant to the issue.

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    good new for everyone !

    If you still remeber the Magic Jack number ( the number when you first register with your email), so you can use live chat and let them know you still remember the MJ number, and then they will find out what email you use with that number, and they will send the password to that email .


    I this that because i have so many member use idevice in my family , and i help them to create the apple id and everything else. So this is the best way to recove the id and the password


    Sorry about my bad english,hope it's help

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    Remembering the number is not the issue.  The issue is getting magic jack to FORGET your ios device hardware id.  We are not looking to remember numbers or passwords -- we are looking to be able to give/sell our hardware to someone else after wiping the data and not have that hardware still associated with the account we originally set up using that hardware.


    I know of no other application that forever links you to a piece of hardware that you currently own, making it impossible for you to fully transfer ownership of that hardware to someone else.


    I remain amazed that Apple lets this practice continue, despite the many complaints about this 'feature'.

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    I'm having a similar problem.  I have had a magic jack number for years (initially hardware).  I have installed the app on my Android and also my iPad without an issue.  I recently got an old iPhone 4 and tried to install the app onto that.  I made the mistake of allowing the app to sync with my contacts which I think then tried to use my Australian phone number instead of my actual American magic jack number....i think?!?!  When I try to use the app it attempts to connect and comes up with the error message "unique constraint (YMAX.DISERIALNO) violated (oracle_magicjack:live)".  It will not let me login using my email address or magic jack number.  I tried to reinstall the app but it never gives me the option to login again.  So frustrating!!!!!

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    Hey all MJ app users,

    It does seem that MJ has a way to completely remove my app. Here is a support chat with MJ. I just got off the phone with "Dexter" so I don't know if it is going to work, but I have high hopes.


    Chat room starts here:


    • Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    • You are now chatting with 'Joan'
    • Your Issue ID for this chat is ???????
    • Joan: Hello, how may I help you?
    • david : I have just found out that the FREE basic talk app that I installed to try your program makes my iPad useless for anyone else.
    • Joan: May I know the exact nature of your problem with full details please?
    • david  : The iPad mini free order # is XXXXXXXXXXX. Since I already installed it on my iPad mini as a test and I want to sell it to get the bigger iPad tablet, I can not remove the app so someone else can start a new MJ account on it. If there is NO way to clear the app completely and unlink it with you data base, I feel I will be returning my order # TS28438884 as soon as I get the device.
    • Joan: Please give me the following for Verification purposes:
    • 1. Full Name
    • 2. Email address
    • 3. Physical address registered with magicJack
    • david  : David 
    • david  : youremail@what.ever
    • david  : "                  "
    • david  : "                  "
    • david  : "                  "
    • Joan: So you want to delete the
    • Joan: Device Name: DAVID 'S IPAD
    • Joan: Device Type: [A]PP
    • Joan: Phone Number: *your device number*
    • david  : correct
    • Joan: I am transferring you to one of our top 10% agents as rated by our customers. Please hold while I transfer you.
    • Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.
    • You are now chatting with 'Dexter'
    • Your Issue ID for this chat is ?/////////////?
    • Dexter: Hi, this is Dexter from higher level of support.
    • Dexter: How are you today?
    • david  : Fine execpt for the issue I have found with the APP "talk free" that I installed on my iPad mini
    • Dexter: Okay, and you want it to be deleted right?
    • david  : I want to be able to delete it. Reinstall it to make sure it is a brand new install. Then delete it so I can sell my iPad mini
    • Dexter: Okay, thank you for that information..
    • Dexter: Okay, I will help you on this.
    • Dexter: Please wait while I check that for you
    • david  : As I understand it, MJ stores the serial # or something in your data base and you can not or will not remove it. If someone else would like to buy and setup MJ on it at that time it will always be attached to my account.
    • Dexter: YEs, that is right..and it needs to be delete on the account first so that the app will be deleted.
    • david  : So how do I wipe the iPad or do I have to cancel the MJ + order that is on the way?
    • david  : And forget about MJ?
    • Dexter: Okay, i will help you.
    • Dexter: I will make a report here on our end for the deletion of magicjack app on your account. I will procees this as fast as possible and this will be prioritize. Will that be okay with you?
    • david  : Ok, but we will need to do this again after I test to see if I can REALLY install the app as a new account. Is that OK with you?
    • Dexter: One moment please...
    • Dexter: I understand you on that..but for your magicjack app to be deleted i have to make  a report first and i cannot provide you exact time frame but I will procees this as fast as possible and this will be prioritize.
    • david  : Ok how will I know when it has be deleted? Email? or how?
    • Dexter: Okay, i will include your email address on my report will that be okay with you, i will state that you wish to be contacted through email.
    • david  : Great, will you also send me a transcript of this report?
    • Dexter: I understand you on that but regarding the transcript of this will only be able to save this through copying the chat to your notepad or wordpad.
    • david  : I tried that, I can not copy and paste it any idea on how to do that?
    • david  : Sorry I did it wrong and have a copy.
    • Dexter: Okay, thank you for that..
    • Dexter: By the way thank you for your time and cooperation, i really appreciate it..
    • Dexter: I  hope i did an excellent job on assisting you.
    • Dexter: Is there anything else I may help you with today?
    • david  : If all goes as I hope, who should I talk to after my test to get the iPad account deleted again?
    • david  : any short cuts?
    • Dexter: Okay, you may chat us back using this ticket id ?/////////////? and you may ask for my name.
    • david  : Thanks alot have a good day
    • Dexter: To be eligible for your reward, please click here and answer the one question. Your reward instructions will be emailed to you. Thanks again!
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    Forgot something--It maybe important or not.


    When I started the chat session I was asked some questions.


    I gave them my latest order number, that is on the way as I type. It has a $101 bill attached to it. If I don't get satisfaction I am sending it back right away during there trial period. Maybe they don't want to lose NEW money. I hope that is not the case and that others will try this also to see how it works.

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    I am willing to bet $1000 that this does not work.  MJ will not do as they my experience.  But please keep us posted!

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