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I need help.  I have to use a Sony HDR AX 2000 camera to shoot a project with the elderly and painting this weekend for their openning  I have shot in HD before but with a Panasonic AG HVX200 that uses P2 cards and a standard firewire cable. 


The sony uses SD cards and the camera only uses a USB cable... (that I don't have and did not come with the rental of the camera). 


When I plug the SD card in to my Mac it pops up on the desktop, but the only way I can read it is to adjust the setting in Final Cut Pro 6 Apple Intermediate codec in the Audio/Video settings. 


I am going to shoot 1080i 60...  when I use log and transfer I do see the file and I am able to add the footage to the queue. 


My question is... will this be bringing the footage in with the best quality I can.  Does this compress it in any way. 

For some reason i Movie pops up and I can import there, but do not know i movie.  I am familar with Final Cut Pro and have used it for many years.   


If I find a USB for the Sony Camera in time will I be able to bring the footage in this way, since there is no option in Audio/Video setiings in Final Cut Pro 6 for a USB... only firewire.


Please any help as soon as possible would be great, I have to shoot tomorrow and bring the camera back Monday morning first thing, since someone else needs it in the morning.  So my time frame is short.


Please any advice on using the Sony HDR AX 200 and importing... I know the terms are new, but bringing the footage in the best I can. 

They can not really afford to rent the camera again and I am trying to help them (free). 

The event is their annual Gala exhibit where many seniors will come to celebrate their artist work.


O.K. you see the Mac I have...(i mac 27" 2.93 Intel Core i7) the footage will be shot on the Sony HDR ax 2000 and I want to bring in the footage to Final Cut Pro 6.  I do not have a USB for the Sony Yet but will try... I can slide the SD card in the slot by the DVD on the right of the Screen.  It appears but having difficulty getting it in and not sure of the setting to maintain the quailty.  I will be shooting 1080/60i FX. 


Thanks for any help... I am not a beginner to making films, but new to HD and this camera and the formats presented to me.  


Thanks again.



I Mac, Mac OS X (10.6.6), 2.93 Ghz Intel Core i7