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after setting up my computer new and changing to windows 7 (starting with a new SSD) my iphone is not recognized by itunes. In windows i get in

start -> system configuration -> hardware and sound -> printers and devices

8 devices in section 'printers and fax'

5 devices in 'devices'

and in the bottom section 'not specified' the ipad device

The first question is if this is the right place to show for the ipad in win7. I see nothing in 'computer' in the windows explorer


If i plug and unplug the ipad from (several) USB ports (which are all 2.0) i get the typical windows sound for that


The problem is that the device does not show up in itunes. If i choose [Questionmark] / Start diagnosis in the itunes menu bar, all is green except for the one red light saying 'no ipad found'


I already worked through the official help


with no result (itunes version, USB 2.0, itunes re-installed)


Can anybody help, any ideas?

Thanks in advance