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Please read this carefully before responding.  There's a lot of misunderstandings about guest users.


I don't have the guest user enabled in my Lion install (10.7.1) and never have.


I'm the only user on my computer.  I don't have the root user enabled.


Therefore, at the log-in screen, I'm the only account should be seen.  Not what happens...


At the log-in screen, my username and icon is listed, but there's another blank user listed--for a guest user that I believes dates back to Leopard.  However, there is no login that works for that user (password or not).


If I do enable a guest user on my Lion computer, I get a third icon in the log-in window--one for me, one for the phantom guest user from pre-Lion days, and third one for a Lion guest user.


I want to remove that phantom guest user from pre-Lion days.  Enabling and disabling guest user in Lion has no effect, because that's separate from this old guest user.  What do I do.  I only want to my username and icon at the log-in screen.


Hope you can help.  It's trivial but annoying.

Mid-2011 13-inch MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7)