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I have two autofill-related questions.


First, when I'm on the PajamasMedia comment site and similar places, it used to be that when I typed the first few letters of my email it would fill it in.  So I would type in "d" and "david@amazing.com" would come up.  Now I type "da" and it asks if I want to autofill from contact info.  I say yes and all it fills in is the email.  This is awkward and annoying, while the old way "just worked".  Is there any way to switch back?


Here's a related question: My local public library has a really nice web site that lets me track what books I have out, etc.  However, it uses a security system worthy of the military - a long ID number like "4111000029449" and a four digit PIN.  Both are entered using password fields, which makes them very secure but hard to get right.  I would love to simply autofill the ID and PIN, just like any other username/password combination, but since they are not set up with the standard password field names, it doesn't seem to be possible.  Is there any way to autofill an arbitrary form like this?





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