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when i right click on the preview app on my dock, a list of files i have previewed appears. how do i delete the list so there is nothing there?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    Launch Preview. From the menu>File>Open Recent>Clear Menu.

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    the clear menu is greyed out so i can't click it. but still when i right click the preview app, there's a whole list of "locked" items

  • Marek Stepanek Level 2 (290 points)

    Remove following files from ~/Library/Preferences and make a restart:







    Normally it is just one of these files, but I have had not the time to test it with four restarts.




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    okay, if you have time i was wondering if you could explain what you mean? i'm horrible with my mac so i basically need step by step instructions :/

  • Marek Stepanek Level 2 (290 points)

    Hi Melissa! A step by step instruction:



    I suppose you are not sure about Terminal. (Would be easier to explain).


    1. Go into the Finder (click the desktop).


    2. Click on top on the "Go" Menu and click the ALT key. Go into Library


    3. Then from Library to Preferences


    4. Search in this Folder for "Preview". If there are too many files, you have searched "This Mac". So click on the "Preferences" on top of the window frame, too search this folder only.


    5. Remove the items:


    a) com.apple.Preview.LSSharedFileList.plist

    b) com.apple.Preview.LSSharedFileList.plist.lockfile

    c) com.apple.Preview.SandboxedPersistentURLs.LSSharedFileList

    d) com.apple.Preview.SandboxedPersistentURLs.LSSharedFileList.plist.lockfile


    6. Restart your computer




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    I was just looking for this and here you are..yes it worked thank you

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    Thank you! I was unable to get out of Preview and a file was somehow locked, and you helped with your explaination on how to go to the library and delete a few files.