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I have 2 macs.  One of the two will not connect to the net.


Mac Number 1 connects to the net thru a wireless airport expres, everything is fine.  Other people who visit, can cnnect as well. The airport is not hidden and there is no password.



Mac Number 2 shows "Airport" turned on. But there is no list of available networks.  When I run troubleshooting the airport device shows Amber status on my mac screen.  I checked the cable modem, all lights are green.  I checked the airport, its one and only status light is green.  I don't know if this matters or not, but Mac Number 2 has never been asked to connect wirelessly, it has always had a dedicated hard wire connection, until today.  So, its not so much that it won't connect, (it won't) but it canot even "see" the wireless network that I  have, and which Mac Number one does see and connect to.


Not at all sure what I need to do, its a puzzle. Does anybody have some insight or expertise to share about this?


Thanks if you can help!!!

  • Boris the Loud Listener Level 1 (30 points)

    PROBLEM SOLVED:  Apple Support Specialist found the answer.  Good machine picks up signal.  Bad machine does not. What is the diference?


    A brick chimney between the router and both machines, which are side-by-side. Good machine must be more "sensitive" is all I can guess.  Moved Bad machine next to Airport Router, and Voila' - it works.