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Appologies if this is in the wrong place but I can't find a time machine section.


I've had time machine running for a couple of years but never actually needed it.


I've now had Lion for a couple of months but I'm not really convinced that I like it. A few of my programs turned out to be Power PC !


I still have time machine back ups which are snow leopard, so can I go back in time to the "good ol days " and make a dupe copy of my hard drive to an external drive. Then travel forward - " back to the future" and carry on using my mac as I do today. Then when I need a defunked program, could I boot up from the external drive and work in Snow Leopard? Or would this some how disrupt the time space continium?

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    What you describe "might" work, but I think it would be most confusing.


    Most of us encountered Power PC programs that would not run under OS X 10.7.  Most software developers have provided updates by now.  I only had one issue - Office 2004 needed to be updated to Office 2011.  I abandoned the Microsoft stuff and switched to iWork (less expensive and compatible).


    Everything new will be written to run under OS X 10.7.  Eventually you would find yourself in a dead end street with obsolete software.


    End of gratuitious advice