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Could you please tell me, how to import a new project into a widescreen preference, like you can in iMovie. I cannot seem to find it anywhere in this new trial version of Final Cut Pro X... many thanks for your help

  • BenB Level 6 Level 6 (8,700 points)

    When you create a new Project, you get the option right away to select your frame size.  After that, you can highlight a Proejct (or Compound Clip in the Browser) and go to the Inspector window, bottom right, a wrench icon, will let you change the frame size.

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    Have done what you said created a new project and chosen the size of the file I think I've chosen the widescreen not so sure though. I choose the Pal anamorphic... and it comes out widescreen but with 2 black windows on the left and right hand side, no matter what setting I adjusted to it comes out the same. What I am concerned about is on the viewer window on the right hand side there is a small window with a red insert which you can put your cursor on and move it to the left and right where there's black windows on either side is this my problem. Tearing my hair out here... would be grateful of any answer thank you...

  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 Level 10 (113,770 points)

    What are the exact specificaltions of the media you're editing into the project? Is the media widescreen or not?

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    yes the camera settings in the menu does say I am filming at 16.9, and using a Canon XL 1. I have tried all other settings in the settings where you can choose the format where you import the size and the settings of the movie but all of them leave it with the black posters either side. To fit even when I try to change this setting on top of the window the viewing window or to reduce it by size it doesn't seem to want to work properly. Any help would be appreciated...ty