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Wondering if anyone has some insight into my problems. I'm making a simple wedding website.


Can be found at. www.rogerandmelanie.com


Anyway the couple of issues I can't figure out how to solve.


On every page there is a background image. It displays when I access it from home on my mac or PC but when at work none of the background images are displaying. My friend can't see them at her work computer either. Wonder if anyone knows the cause and if there's a work around.




On the very first page I have a transparant black box with two links in it, to the english version and soon to be the french version. It appears fine on every computer I've tried but when accessed with IE the box is strangely oversized. Wondering if anyone knows of a way around that issue.


Thanks so much for any help.

Reply by Roddy on Oct 4, 2011 10:03 AM Helpful

The background image is too large and taking too long to load. Its 2.4 Mb and needs to be reduced considerably...




When I went to your splash page, I had decided on my choice of language and clicked the button long before the image even started to load.


This was using Safari which is a lot faster than IE.


You can improve the situation a lot by using an optimizer...




... and it may help to look at this video to make your site more acceptable in IE...




The transparent image may load better in IE if you remove the border.


A splash page is one of the worst crimes you can commit as far as SEO is concerned...




There's absolutely nothing for the spiders on this page - not even a descriptive title tag...




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