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Mr. Latte Level 1 (5 points)

I find Lion in my 2.33 Core 2 Duo crashes very often. I don'tk now why? Anybody has the same issue? Last month, I had 4 crashes in a month. Today, I was hit by another one.


I never had such issue in Snow Leopard, which had a crash probalby 1-2 times in a year (an excellent benchmark). I had many crashes already since I did a fresh installation of Lion (not upgrade).


Any cure of root cause would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Sjazbec Level 4 (1,670 points)

    Dig to the topics here and you will find that lots of users experience the same. Lion needs badly some updates, which are not available to the public  as we speak.


    Generally you need to make sure to have all software and drivers updated to be Lion compatible. The slightest incompatible system extension can crash the cat more easy then ever before.


    popular software like vmware,parallels,growl,iglasses,ilife,iwork,aperture,final cut , firefox, dropbox,skype, onyx, macpilot etc etc are all now available in Lion compatible binaries or updates. You can't use the Snow versions of these in Lion without issues.

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    Thank you for your reply. If a lot of users experienced the same, I am assured that I just have to wait for Apple to release major updates. For now, I consider to switch back Snow Leopard and wait for about few month. Lion has a lot of nice features but I am in development environment, I cannot offer chance to have computers crashes like this.


    One thing I found Snow Leopard is exceptionally stable is that it is based on the improvement of stable Leopard. Also, Snow Leopard is slightly faster than Lion when running on my SSD drive (about 1-2 seconds).


    I also miss old Exposé very much. Lion's new Exposé clutter windows together in somewhat clumsy way. Say, I have 10 BBEdit coding windows open simultaneously, then I would have trouble to switch windows easily as before---not to mention I have other browsers windows open at the same time. I actually spent more time to pick the right window I want. It is a bad design, personally, in my opinion.


    But thank you again for your suggestions, and I just have to wait for Lion to become more powerful.

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    You can open Console and scan through the crash

    logs.  Most may be meaningless geek speak but

    you might spot a familiar word that could indicate

    the cuprit that is causing the issue.  You can

    then be able to disable the offender and see if the

    crashes going away.


    Also, go through and weed out any old software

    that you no longer use.  More often than not,

    crashes are caused by some old program that

    is totally forgotten about that loads up some chunk

    of code that was benign on older OSes but rears an

    ugly head in new ones.


    Also, you may want to get some software that can

    do a surface scan of your disk.  You may have picked

    up a bad sector that is corrupting some little file

    that, for what ever reason, is now getting loaded in Lion.

  • Mr. Latte Level 1 (5 points)

    Today, Apple released the 10.7.2 updates. I am very satisifed how quick they provide fix to the problem.


    Steve, you can rest assured to rest in peace and in heaven because you have such excellent engineering team who hear from people. For the Lion to calim to be the true king, the road is yet long but we will be with you. Challenges are upfront and crucial but have not fear because Steve is not gone. His spirt is with us everywhere.


    RIP, Steve.