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I have some .trm files that I need to play, but right now they are only working in my windows partition. I'd like to know if there are any .trm file players for OS X or any software that can convert these trm files to an mp3 or wma file that will play on the mac partiton. I use a free program called express scribe to listen to recordings on my mac, but it won't play .trm files, and I'd like to continue to ues the mac partition instead of having to use Windows, which I hate with a passion.  Can anyone help me?


I'm using Snow Leopard as well.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    I assume that you are talking about For The Record audio recordings of court proceedings. For The Record doesn't actually have its own audio format - it can be configured to use one of a number of formats. I believe that the basic ones are multichannel MPEG2 audio and MPEG4 audio (AAC).


    You might be able to simply change the suffix to '.m4a' and open them in QuickTime (if they are recorded as AAC). VLC and any ffmpeg-based media player ought to handle them too ; they should at least be able to tell you the underlying format of the audio.


    You can use Audacity to convert the audio to WMA.

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    "You can use Audacity to convert the audio to WMA"


    Or indeed to mp3.

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    welcome back, I hope things went ok.

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    So far so good, Andy. Still a few results to come in. Verdict due mid-November.


    (And apologies to the OP for the hi-jack)

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    You can drag and drop any .trm file to ALL2MP3 and it will convert nicely.  All2MP3 is a free download. 

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    I did as you suggested (MacBook Pro running Lion) and I get an error message that it is an "unkown file format". Perhpaps I'm doing this wrong. I would love to find a solution, as I have a short deadline and need to listen to the trial CD.





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    Karl,  what version of All2MP3 are you running?  I am running 2.0820 and it is converting .trm files just fine.  If you're in a serious hurry, you could upload the file online using google drive or drop box and post a link here to it.  I'll see if I can convert it for you. 

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    No problem. I have the latest version of All2MP3 - I checked for updates just in case, but no love. Here is a link to one of the files to see if it works for you. Thank you very much.




    https://www.dropbox.com/s/h5i3yyj7k3mab8s/Division%2034_20130226-0932_01ce140431 f07530.trm

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    Looks like the company did this on purpose.  I spent the last twenty four hours working with the file and earlier versions of the program.  The company evidently thinks their future is in restricting access to these files.  The basic issue is this... depending on what version of the FTR software the court is using - the .trm file may or may not be convertable by All2MP3. 


    I took some time and figured out how to do the conversion quickly, but alas, I could only do it with a PC - to re-export the files from the older version of the FTR software and then convert through Alll2MP3.  Sorry I couldn't be more of a help. 


    Here is a link to the converted version of the file you provided - Also, If you'd like help converting the rest, drop me a note.


    https://www.dropbox.com/s/l8wuwpizngsiju0/Division%2034_20130226-0932_01ce140431 f07530_4.mp3

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    Wow, that is certainly above and beyond, and believe me I appreciate your help. I have access to a PC, so if you could tell me how you did the conversion, I will do that with the rest of the files. Again, thank you so much for your help. I sent an e-mail to the company - but I suspect they are just Mac Hostile, so it won't matter. I haven't run into a problem like this with any other technology in my practice for ten years. You never know. Thank you again for your efforts. I very much appreciate it.



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    Okay, there are a few ways to do this using older versions of ForTheRecord's player software.  Probably the most direct is (if you the ability to run Windows or to access a machine running Windows), download and install the older version 5.4.2 (the file is named Player542setup.exe) at http://community.fortherecord.com/index.php?/files/file/725-therecord-player-542 -old-version-player542setupexe


    Once you install this player, you should be able to play your trm file.  When you click on the "Save a Copy to" button (just to the left of the rewind button on the player, it will bring up a small window with options that include "Save format" and you can select "Windows Media" which will save the file to .wma format.  This might be enough for you.  I however, prefer working with mp3 files and then take the wma file and convet it using All2MP3.


    I wish you luck.  This company is not only Mac hostile, but they appear to be desperately clinging to an older business model that rewards tricks and gimmicks and fake excuses to keep their "propriatry" and inferrior software limitations - so that they can hold clients hostage.  Anyway.... 


    I too have not come across this in some time.  I run a small business administering law firms and a staff of paralegals and we all generally use Macs and have virtually no problem with any service these days.   Whether it is our large prominent client or our small sole practitioner - Macs have been our choice - and this headache with trm files is a rareity.  Thankfull, the software the Court's normally use allows a straight to mp3 conversion, unlike this second intermediate step we have to take with your files. 


    Good luck.  

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    Thank you. Extremely helpful.


    All the best,



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    This was incredibly helpful - and timely!  Thank you.  I'm a Mac-using attorney who needs to listen to an audio recording of a federal administrative hearing that I just received in this proprietary .trm format.  I've got a paralegal friend with a PC who can do the conversion for me based on your roadmap.  This thread saved me hours of frustration and headaches.  Thank you again, sincerely!