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Final Cut Server (FCSvr) missing the Edit Proxies Device in the Advanced Administration Pane.


If for any reason an Admin has mistakenly or purposely deleted the Edit Proxies device

from the FCSvr Java Admin, and you'd like to restore connective to it following the instructions below.


Note verify these symptoms, open the FCSvr Java Admin, Go to Preferences and the Proxies Pane and inspect





If the field and drop down for Edit Proxies is missing please backup your FCSvr DB manually and following the steps below to restore connectivity.




1. From the Terminal from the following command

          cd /Library/Application\ Support/Final\ Cut\ Server/Final\ Cut\ Server.bundle/Contents/MacOS/


2. Next run the following command

           ./fcsvr_client getmd --xml /prefs/0 > ~/Desktop/prefs0.xml


This will output a XML file containing the Final Cut Server Global Preferences to the Desktop folder of the currently logged in user.



3. Using for favorite XML Text Editor (mine is TextMate) open the file that was output



4. Notice the XML element and attribute values between lines 29 and 31







5. From the command line run the following command to determine the Device ID for you Edit Proxies device


./fcsvr_client search /dev


You should get an output similar to what's below.


Address        DEVICE_NAME                   DEVICE_TYPE                  


/dev/20        Edit Proxies                  contentbase                  

/dev/9         MEDIA                         filesystem                        

/dev/1         Proxies                       contentbase                  

/dev/2         Version                       contentbase 



Record the new Device id for the Edit Proxies device.



6. Open up the file /Desktop/prefs0.xml and XML attribute in line 29




to the value of the Edit Proxies from step 6.



7. Save the /Desktop/prefs0.xml


8. From the command line run the following command


sudo ./fcsvr_client setmd /prefs/0 --xml  ~/Desktop/prefs0.xml


enter you admin password if prompted.



9. Close and reopen the FCSvr Java Admin, Go to Preferences and Proxies and inspect




The field and dropdown should reappear.



If for some reason this didn't work, feel free to contact me offline.



Nicholas Stokes