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I have bought a new Thunderbolt Display and connect it to the 2011 MacBook Air. Both latest Firmware updates has been installed, for the MBA as for the Thunderbolt Display. Each time I play a media with some audio (music or video) and stop, the speakers are emiting a static humming sound for about 30-45 seconds and stop. I can hear the humming sound starting once I star the music or video, but it gets cover by the media playing.


Anyone has this problem?


My display is still under the 14 days period trial, so I would probably just bring it back and take another one, but as no one as discuss this problem, I want to know if I'm alone or not.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Just called Apple Support. They have no clue. We did standard reset of the SMC and PRAM. But this is clear it was not coming from the MBA as I do not hear any static coming from the MacBook Air speakers since I have it. Also the static is present even when the audio is at mute, so this is definnetly a static sound coming from the speakers. Specially the right one in my case (looking at the display).

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    Thanks, but the issue ther person talk about is choppy audio while two displays are connected. I have a single display connected to the MacBook Air with his lid close. The sound is not choppy but covered by a static sound that do not stop for a good 30-45 seconds after the media has stopped.


    Plus yesterday, I was able to hear it here and there, for no reason, while no media was playing. It started and stop and last about 3-4 seconds. Something inside is really making this speaker unstable.


    I'm returning the unit today (hoping they have another one in stock).

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    Ok I did replace the unit at the Apple Store today. Looks like this unit does not have this problem. I would let you know if it was too early to write this.


    I was impress today by the number of blue shirts in the store. I count 20 Apple employees and it was only 3 PM in the afternoon and the store was far from full of clients a  Wednesday. I wonder how many time they have been asked if they had the iPhone 4S, while it is only going out October 14th

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    Look like I did write too quickly. After 1.5 days with the new monitor, the static sound begun again.


    I don't know what it is. The static sound are not coming form the MBA alone when it is playing from its internal speakers or headphone jack.


    Both Firmware updates has been applied (MBA and Thunderbolt).


    Static sound is really coming from the two bottom speakers of the Thunderbolt display. It is not the fan of the Thunderbolt. Yes there is a fan in the Thunderbolt. It is located at the center back of the monitor and it is fearly very quiet. You can see it in from iFixit teardown of the monitor.


    Again the sound is very similar if not identic. It last 30 seconds after the media has stopped. The static sound is present also when the media is playing, but it is for sure more difficult to hear.


    If anyone of you owning a Thunderbolt display can do a test, and let me know.


    Thanks in advance. I would hate returning this unit again. I guess I would not take another one.

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    I am having this problem as well with my Thunderbolt Display and Macbook Air.  It's still within 14 days of purchase so may want to return it too, but don't want to waste my time if they are all like this.

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    Since my return from vacations, I bought a third Display as new Firmwares and Sofware updates where released.


    I regret to inform that the same problem is persisting, but I did further test to narrow the problem :


    • Anytime a media is playing, there is white noise in the background
    • Anytime a media has spot playing, white noise can be hear for 30 seconds until it stops
    • Initializing a FaceTime call has for effect of hearing the white noise even if no sound are exchange and both microphones are on mute.
    • Unplugging any USB wires or Ethernet from the Display (leaving only the Thunderbolt wire to the MBA) has no effect.
    • Plugging the Display to another power outlet has no effect
    • Unplugging the power wire to the MacBook Air (and leaving the MBA on battery) has no effect
    • Plugging the MBA on its own power source has no effect
    • Plugging external USB speakers to the Display (and selecting as the Output source) = no white noise can be hear from the USB speakers or from the ones of the Display (meaning that I doubt the white noise is transferred from the Thunderbolt port to the Display)
    • Selecting the Input source "USB Display" while Output source is "External USB Speakers" and not the "USB Display" has for effect of initializing the white noise from the speakers. It stops 30 seconds later. It's the only way I did find to start the noise without playing any media.
    • Only way of not having any white noise is to have the Output to "Other USB Speakers" and Input to "Internal Microphone" from the MBA. So essentially cutting out any input and ouput sound sources from the Display.


    I wish to know if any other person is experiencing this particular problem?


    BTW: All EFI Firmware (2.2) and Thunderbolt Software Update 1.1 and Thunderbolt Display Firmware Update 1.0 have been installed. I did exchange the Thunderbolt Display 3 times, I have the exact same issue with three of them. So the problem is with ALL the Display OR with my Thunderbolt port of the MBA or the MBA in general.

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    Yes, I can hear a low hiss from my new Thunderbolt display's speakers when audio of any type is played through the monitor. It's low level - but there.


    e.g. if I play music with iTunes, the hiss starts. If I stop playing the track, then quit iTunes, the hiss stops abruptly approx. 30 seconds later (it's really quite noticable).


    I'm using a MacBook Pro (early 2011), running Lion with all software and firmware updates applied. I've tried it with another MacBook Pro of the same vintage, and have exactly the same problem.

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    Very happy to see, that I'm not alone. Very few poeple are hearing this sound to my understanding and it is difficult to know if they simply do not hear it or do not experience the problem at all.


    I did change the display 3 times already, and even have replaced the Thunderbolt port in my MacBook Air 13 inches and the problem is still persisting. I must say that the hissing sound is more suttle since the replacement of the port, but I wonder if I have just been used to it by now.


    I think this is a general problem experience by all, it is just that some poeple noticing it and some don't.


    But clearly it is a sound that you can hear from 2-3 feet away in a silent room.


    What you are experiencing in your post is EXACTLY, to the letter, what I'm experiencing.


    To get a fix, we need to problem to be recognized by the engineers of Apple. Something that would not be easy if we are only 2-3 persons complaining.


    I did elevate my problem to the engineer level, but didn't hear anything from them yet. If you call them, please let me know your experience.


    In the mean time we need to decide if we keep the display or not as the problem doesn't look to be with our MacBook Air/Pro unless it is realy the Thunderbolt port that let pass some static sound by the wire.


    I didn't say in my earlier post, but I did try with a TV with a HDMI wire plugged to the Thunderbolt display via a adaptor, and didn't hear any hissing sound coming from the TV speakers. It may not  be entirely the same connections used as with the Thunderbolt display, but it is another test I did.

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    Just to let you know. I did test a brand new Thunderbolt Display with a brand new MacBook Air 13 inches. Same problem. I'm entirely convinced that everyone is experiencing this issue. They simply are not in an enough quiet environment to notice it.

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    I'm getting this exact same problem. I've had the Thunderbolt Display for a few months and I think this has only started in the last couple of weeks. When Mail recieves a new email as an example, the hiss starts and then continues for a while after the new mail sound has been played. Is there going to be a fix for this?

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    I suspect the problem has always been present, maybe you have noticed it just recently. If your environment is not generally quiet or if you are listening to music most of the time, then it is something you may not have heard until you have played that media in your mail.


    I don't know if we gonna have a fix. The best way to find out is really to give a call to Apple Support to report your problem. The more we are reporting it, it would get to the engineers and it will end up being a know issue and then we would have a greater chance of seeing this fix in a next firmware update.


    Let them know that you are not alone when reporting your issue and that changing your machine or the display would not do anything. This is my 4th Thunderbolt display! and I did try it with two diffrent MacBook Air.

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    I've just spent some time talking to Apple Support about this problem and going through various options with them, none of which resolved it. So they're going to get back to me in a few days after discussing it with the engineering group.

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    Been having this issue also. If i turn down the brightness to a lower level, the static sound lowers but still audible.


    Hope there's a fix soon.

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