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    No misunderstanding on my side.  I don't really follow your logic, every other Browser will support Flash AND HTML5 ... that is being "Open" ... supporting just one or the other is being closed.  How can you argue that not supporting something like Flash as being "open" ... Apple don't support it on iOS but do on OSX.


    But again, this is NOT a technical issue, it's a control bid and ultimately done for more profit.  I mean come on guys/gals HTML5 and Flash is supported with Safari on OSX -- this fact alone should make it clear.  It has nothing to do with battery life as Flash consumes no more power than the YouTube application.  But if you are still not convenience, why would Apple allow OSX on laptops that can run Flash and other Browser plugins -- battery argument invalid.


    There IS NO TECHINCAL issue with supporting both Flash and HTML5 -- that is a truly OPEN environment.


    It's a bid for control, it's a justification for developing Apple exclusive applications, it's about money.  Apple want more of it ... fair enough -- but they already have plenty but we live in a society of extreme capitalism so it is what it is.  Apple really don't have the market share to leverage this closed system of theirs.  The internet is OPEN and it always will be, many attempts have been made to try to "control" the internet, all have failed, and so will Apple eventually -- all it will take is one really cool must have feature that is free and doesn't work on iOS to force Apple to give up their bid for a closed environment aimed at increasing their profits and only their profits.


    HTML5 isn't going to win, it just doesn't solve enough current real world web application problems.  If you want a really rich Internet web application experience, take a look at Silverlight 5 which BTW runs just fine on OSX but not iOS.



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    so the i phone 5 will be out in 2013?

  • vazandrew Level 6 Level 6
    Apple TV

    No one here can answer that, there has been no such mention of it.

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    Estimated Q1 2013, but as pointed out, just a guess based on prior release time frames of iPhone 3S to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S ... cycle is about 16 months.


    But any type of high speed data such as 4G LTe on iPhone will probably not happen until 2015.


    Apparently Flash is going to be made to work with iOS5 ... but that's about it (no Silverlight 5).  If you want to read between the lines, that suggests to me that Apple is positioning itself to buy Adobe ... which has A LOT of implications.  Folks have been predicting the Adobe buy for several years, but now a lot of events have come into place to make this "suggestion" a real possibility.


    The puzzle pieces are there, just need to assemble them


    Having said that, I do like my iPhone 4S ... face time works very well, Siri I turned off almost immediately as it got more "in the way" than it did trying to solve real world control issues.  3G is actually better on my iPhone 4S than it was on my HTC EVO, but EVO 4G (Sprint) was clearly much faster than my iPhone 4S 3G.


    All in all, I'm happy with the iPhone 4S.  Be warned, it is fragile.



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