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Hey, does anyone know if theres a way to use the ipod while its connected to the car cd player. I want to use it instead of cd player buttons to change songs. Anybody know if its possible? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

iPod touch, iOS 4.3.3
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    Exactly how it integrates with your in-car system is completely dependent on your system. If you're saying you want to use the iPhone to control what tracks are playing on an actual CD in the system, I don't believe you're going to be able to do that.

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    If your player has an aux input, just connect headphone

    out to aux in.

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    Unless you buy a head unit with a stereo mini input jack, or one with a iPod interface, your options thereafter are pretty uncomfortable, clumsy and downright worthless in some cases.


    I've ditched the iPod in the car, after one got stolen and a cop stopped me for inattention to driving (just a warning)


    My advice, unless your going on a LONG trip, like weeks, just burn a bunch of cd's and get a visor holder etc.



    Good thing about cd's, you get to play the 10-15 songs you want, in the row you want, when you want.


    You also can write on the cd with LARGE easy to read letters so your not focusing too hard trying to read the tiny iPod type and wind up killing someone.




    The iPod's "random" play is not right, it doesn't play songs equally often picking the same songs in a row the next day and again the next day.


    One shouldn't have to make a complicated smart playlist to fix it and then it still doesn't work. It should randomize the playback equally and only when it has completed all the songs in the playlist should it reset, if it takes two days or a month, you shouldn't hear the same dam song three frigging days in a row.




    Another thing, if your cd's get stolen they have little value to a thief because they are burned cd's, and even if they are stolen or ruined, you can burn more.


    Any "iPod capable" integrated car system is going to cost a fortune, a lot of car makers want you to sign up for Sirus or something like that, so they don't offer a way to hook up a iPod.




    I've tried the iPod and it worked with a cassette adapter on my old vehicle and on a 2 month cross country trip it was great as I had a huge playlist and we played the whole thing through. Of course cars don't come with tape decks anymore.


    For shorter daily like trips the iPod is a royal pain in the arse, you always got to hide it. I don't recommned it in the car, don't waste your effort there.

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    For christmas a few years ago, my husband bought me a device which allowed me to play my ipod in my car using the stereo controls built into my steering wheel. Unfortunately, I can' tell you how well it worked because in the four+ years since he gave it to me, he's not yet installed it.

    There are units which do this and they aren't very pricey...assuming you install them <G>

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    Hey, thanks for your input guys.


    I have a cd player in my car and it works fine with it but what i want to do is to not use the cd players buttons, instead i could have the ipod on my dash and touch it when i want to skip a song etc. This would be cool as you could see the album artwork and other stuff (unlike my cd player that just shows half of the title haha) while its playing.


    I tired downloading a thing from cydia that lets you use your ipod while syncing with the computer but this doesn't work with the cd player. It just says its connected and you cannot use it (you can use it but only with the cd player buttons).


    I don't know if its possible yet but an app for it would be awesome. It would make cdplayer screen sizes, colours and buttons irelevant  when your buying a cd player with a usb jack. Deffinetley something to look into

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    My husband bought me something one christmas to do just that. Problem was, he never installed it. That was ...hmmm 4+ years ago.

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    Haha cool do you remeber what it was called and what that would be worth? If not could you tell me the brand and i'll have a look at it. Cheers Jennifer

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    No, alexander...I'm trying to block that incident from my mind, but it keeps flashing back with increasing annoyance <G>

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    Ok doesn't matter then thanks anyways