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Anyone know how Apple deals with upgrading from the mini SIM in the 3GS to the micro SIM in 4 and 4S?


If I have a 3GS with it's old mini-SIM in it and pre-order a 4S from Apple for home delivery, will the new phone have a new micro SIM in it when it comes?  Will I need to deal directly with AT&T to link the new SIM to my old account/line, or does the activation process automatically do that?  Or might the 4S come SIMless, leading me to take the old SIM and cut it down to Micro-SIM size?   Anyone with experience from the 3GS to 4 upgrade have any light on the subject?



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    As always - you should read the boards before posting:


    From other threads:


    "The ATT carrier locked iPhone ships with a SIM card pre-installed.


    When activating the new iPhone with ATT, your existing iPhone and SIM card will be deactivated at that time."

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    Foobus - Fun comment. Anytime you purchase a new locked iPhone you receive a new SIM in the iPhone. You activate the SIM when you activate the iPhone. If you receive a service replacement phone you move the SIM from the old iPhone to the new one. You activate the old SIM on the new iPhone when you activate the new iPhone. That's how it works. To activate an iPhone you follow the instructions you receive with your new-purchase or service-replacement phone.