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    Not very impressed by this. Had a $160 charge on my card today, my bank will do an investigation but could be weeks before the transaction is removed and I have to get a new card. I have been using credit cards online for ten years running an Internet business with thousands through my visa every month and never had an unauthorized transaction. Trust in apple's ability to keep things secure has dropped significantly over this. I will be using a new credit card with a low limit for apple/itunes purchase from this date forward. Also a good idea to change your Apple account password on a regular basis.

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    Same happened to me but for 38.86.  My bank also charged me an "international transaction fee" (which means the charge came from overseas.  What makes any of you think this has anything to do with Apple??  My card number is not stored with Apple.  It could be any one of a large number of online retailers where I've used my card.  My Bank hasn't been so quick to corerct the charges....and even charged me 7.50 for a new debit card number.  But I'll fight it......long llive Apple!!!!  Best thing to happen to technology for the novice....

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    My credit card has just been hit with charges to APPLE ITUNES STORE USD LUXEMBURG too. I checked my itunes account, no purchase matched. The particular credit card charged is one I haven't used for anything for months, and I certainly have never used with itunes or Apple.

    It looks to me like a case of credit card hacking rather than anyone getting my details from Apple. I've rung my bank this morning and so far they have been pretty helpful about disputing the transactions and getting the charges reversed.

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    OMG. It also happened to me . I checked my bank account and I have been charged $1 . It is not a big deal but I afraid that later I will be charged more . Can someone tell me what is going on ? Was I hacked by s.o ?

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    The $1 charge is typically just a check before the real bill amount comes through. After the $1 charges I was hit with $60 and $30. I rang my bank and put a stop on the card, and I am still waiting for reversal of the transactions. I've been in touch with iTunes support. They are helpful but as the charges don't match anything on my iTunes account there is not much they can do. It looks like a simple case of someone stealing my credit card details and using it with their own iTunes account.

    Once the real charges come through, check your iTunes account and make sure there are no transactions matching those on your credit card as this will tell you if anyone is using your account. The iTunes support people can tell you how. Most importantly if you are sure you didn't order anything from iTunes, get in touch with your bank ASAP.

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    The same problem:

    Платежи QVC
    APPLE ITUNES STORE USD, карта 4890****4601 




    I contacted my bank and now writing here. Is Apple so dump and cant't find this hackers?

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    It appears that people with stolen credit card details are buying iTunes credits and reselling the credits as a way of laundering the money. I too had never given details of the credit card that was used to Apple and I have no idea how my rarely used card was ever compromised. This seems to be a fairly well known scam from what I've read.

    I hope your bank refunds your money quickly. Mine took care of the issue for me, no problems, but I did have to cancel the card.

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    Same to me, i went to apple, then they said,"that charged from Asphalt game... From every modification" sorry my english not so good...

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    It just happen to me yesterday


    This thing never happen to me before


    I rarely use itune for anything but renting a movie or buy just one or 2 songs which cost not more than 4 usd per one item. every month so when I saw the transaction I know somthing not right happen

    For mine they took 99.99. and later 3 USD as they might need some more for meal after they spend all of my money to buy some stuff already.From Apple itune store USD Louxembourg and of course same as others not such item appear in my itune account. Thanks to my Bank they send me an alert to cancel the card right away.

      still I didn't get my money back from my bank yet but I already file a claim, Finger cross I will get it back.

    Also it not fun to have no debit card in hand to use as usual plus I'll have to do a lot of thing for whatever I do monthly payment with


    There should be a way to get rid of this people that really a horrible robbery

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    Hi, I have the same issue with credit card charges - I just got my bill today and was surprised to see 3 transactions in "apple itunes store usd luxembourg lux" amounting to xxx Philippine Peso. I always download free applications. I called up my bank and they instructed me to send them a dispute request to further investigate on the matter. Now I have to prove them that I did not purchase anything by simply hitting the printscreen (PrtSc) button of my pc and capture all information in iTunes that reflect my "free" transactions. They said they will debit the amount if proven that it's a fraudulent activity. I wonder how that happened and reflected in my bill!

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    One more:




    The continuing story of fraud associated with Apple iTunes continues. Yesterday, March 16, 2012, just as I was reading the front page of the New York Times business section ...App Store Fraud... my bank called to advise me of a related activity with iTunes. Consequently, I have sent the following email to all vendors who may have access to the credit card in question:


    Bank of America reported that my debit card number had been used to purchase several hundred dollars worth of items in 23 discrete transactions from Apple iTunes in Luxembourg, within 20 minutes between 8 and 9am EDT, Friday March 16, 2012. Please place a hold on all activity on my account until I can supply you with a new debit card number (I'm told 7-10 days).


    Fortunately, this is not the card I have registered with iTunes. And of course my bank is rectifying my account of the fraudulent charges. (I have also opened a conversation with iTunes.) So far, Apple and iTunes is in the clear, yes?  Not quite.


    My question is: Why was your iTunes security, in whatever country this fraud took place, be unable to detect this pattern of purchases and therefor question or hold those charges? To me this seems typical of the lackadaisical approach to security many, many others have complained of. Should I take my complaint elsewhere?


    Note for others: in less than 20 minutes these frauds charged more than $ my credit card, so i can only hope you have a bank as competent as mine.


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    E gads, this just happened to me this morning.  It's a good thing that I monitor my online bank account daily or I would have been in big trouble.  Also, becuse my bank provides overdratf protection, there is the worry that they'll drain my primary account and start dipping in to my secondary account.  I don't understand why there seems to be no formail investigation into the people who are behind this, and it's still simply a consumer problem. 


    Surely if this was happening to the CEOs of Apple they'd get right on it no?  At any rate, I had over $400 charged over night to my credit card and my bank needs to do the same thing as many of you and issue me a new one. Who do we have to raise this issue to so a formal investigation will take place and this will end!!??? Seems completely out of control based on the google searching I've done and other forums I've been reading....

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    i have the same problem apple itne luxanbour lu 99.99 - 101.50 us ic alled my bank and they told me to tell apple itune the mistake when i reach the option of billing i pressed 2 and right now my phone ended the line i toght it was me i tryed it 3 time each time my phone shut the line up wjen i pres 2 its like they have problem with billing

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    Hi guys today my friend too got charged with one of like these, so what we did is immediately we removed the card details from the phone. So if you want to purchase any have a card handy, it may be difficult but its better to be preventive than having a uge bill in ur account.

    settings->store->apple ID-> View apple ID->enter the password->select Payment->select none->Done.

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    Also same problem here!!


    I never use this credit card for apple before, but just got a credit card bill as following



    27 Mar - Apple Itunes store USD Luxembourg - amount is USD49.99


    27 Mar- Apple Itunes store USD Luxembourg - amount is USD49.99


    SO crazy, how can this happen!!! Apple should give us the clear answer for their secuity problem and fix it!!