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With Sprint iPhone 4S, will we be able to use both the voice and the data (internet, etc.) at the same time?  I know currently the AT&T iPhone you can do that but not with the Verizon iPhone.

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    You would probably have to ask Sprint about that as it's related to their network.

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    I went to the Sprint store   first, then checked Sprint's website,  then called the #800 number and talked to a rep there, but no one had the answer.  The Sales reps at the store say they were not given any information on the iPhone 4S and not trained on it yet and suggested going to Apple for the answer.


    I called the local Apple store this morning and he could not find the answer either.  The 1-800-MY-APPLE number says "we apologize for not being able to answer your call as we have too many phone calls."  *lol*  that is me paraphrasing what they said in a more professional way.  I was hoping someone here would know.  I went thru the entire discussion page and no one else had inquired about it so I posted.


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    From what I can determine, Sprint uses the same EV-DO CDMA technology that Verizon does, which means that it is not capable of simultaneous voice and data. This is not an iPhone issue, so Sprint's representatives should have been able to answer that question, though I'm not surprised that they couldn't.



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    Sprint employees should know that their own 3G network does not support simultaneous voice and data, just like Verizons does not.  Their so-called 4G, or WiMax network does not either, as it is data only and they dropped the experimental voice component earlier on.  I have not seen anything about their 4G LTE netowrk as they roll it out and replace the 4G WiMax network.

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    Michael and Dave, thank you very much for your comments.  Both make sense as you have explained it.  As I travel out of the country regularly, I may be chosing the GSM network of the Sprint iPhone 4S.  As AT&T is also GSM, would I be correct in thinking that it is entirely possible that the Sprint GSM iPhone 4S would allow me to use voice and data at the same time?  I know we are just theorizing and don't know for certain, but is my deduction reasonable?

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    Not as I understand it.  If you buy a phone with Sprint contract it is going to be carrier locked to Sprint and the GSM features would only be those that Sprint specifically enables/supports (if any).  For example, the Verizon iPhone 4S can be, apparently, ordered with a Verizon "Global Phone" plan enabled, which means it will have a Verizon SIM that allows it to roam on Verizon international roaming partners (be they CDMA or GSM).  But, you cannot put any old SIM in there and get it to work.


    The unlocked iPhone 4S, as stated on Apple's site, will work with any carriers SIM card and GSM network, but it will have no CDMA capabilities.  While the iPhone 4S has both a GSM and a CDMA radio in them, which one (or ones) are enabled is carrier dependent.

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    Michael, I appreciate your taking the time to explain that.  It does seem that Sprint will not be a voice and data simultaneous phone. 


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