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I just watched the video on Apple's site showing how iCloud works. It shows that it transfers wirelessly all of your photos and videos to your other devices.


1. Does anyone have any idea how long it would take to do such a thing? If I have an hour of 1080 video I just shot and it is around 10GB, when will it back it up and how long will it take to do this?


2. I am on Verizon, does it just their network OR will it only back up when it has a WiFi signal?



3. If this happens often and quickly, then I am not sure if I would need the 64GB I just purchased and maybe I will get a 32GB.



  • Eatyourfriendz Level 1 Level 1
    1. It really depends on your upload connection at the time. If your Wi-fi is boasting at least 2megs up, then you'd have to figure it will definitely take you a few hours to upload all that data, assuming that your speed is constant and uninterrupted without fluxing in speed.
    2. It will be using your WiFi, otherwise your data cap would be hit almost instantly.
    3. I got the 16GB for what it's worth...
  • tonefox Level 6 Level 6

    Do you not have data caps on your wifi as well?  Here in the UK we have so many GB we are allowed by the phone provider to use on cellular data, and we are paying an ISP for our wifi use via the desktop at home as well, which is equally, usually, capped.  Sadly we do not move around the UK in a cloud of available free wifi paid for by others. 

  • lujho Level 1 Level 1

    If you have a wifi network in your house, sending any data around is free - it's just your wireless network, the data never leaves your house. If you're pulling stuff down from the internet or uploading to it then yes, that will apply to your ISP's cap, but you can synch your iphone wirelessly in your house as many times as you want and it'll cost nothing.

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    There are more and more people switching to Unlimited data tarrifs (at the prices that Three charge, what wouldn't anyone), and quite a few people use Unlimited internet at home too.


    I have no videos and my iCloud backup is around 700mb, i still have 4.3GB of my free 5GB left, and I doubt i will ever use all that.

  • bbfc Level 3 Level 3

    Using your WiFi network at home will is free yes, but it will use up some of your ISP's monthly data allowance.