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last week I upgraded from 3g to Iphone4.   I connected to my home wifi with no problems, but every time I leave the phone for a while, when I come back to it I find that it has dropped the wifi connection.  When i try to reconnect, I have to either press the pairing button on the phone every time, or start from scratch and reenter the wep password


My old 3g does not have this problem at all and remains connected all the time.    I called Orange and all they did was send me a replacement Iphone but I am still having exactly the same problem.


As long as  am using the  phone the connection is fine.   But if I put the phone down and it goes in to "sleep" mode even for a few minutes, the connection drops.


Any ideas please as it's driving me nuts - I'm even thinking of ditching the phone and sticking with my trusty old reliable 3g!



iPhone 4, Orange Broadband with Livebox route
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    The same when connected to any other wi-fi network besides your own?


    Did you transfer the backup for your 3G to your iPhone 4?


    If so, try resetting network settings on your iPhone 4 at Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.


    This will require re-joining every wi-fi network your iPhone 4 has access to when returning within range of such a network.


    Does your wireless router support WPA encryption? If so, change it from WEP which is very old and not very secure. You want to use WPA especially if you have any Winoze computers or devices connected to your wireless network. WEP can be easily compromised.

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    yes i transferred the back up from my 3g - which has no problems at all staying connected to the wifi.


    I have tried resettng everything and have lost count of the number of times I have had to reenter the wifi pass word.


    The router settings are set to WPA-PSK  with TKIP encryption (what ever that means!)   and  the easy pairing tick box is checked

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    The backed up data in this regard for your 3G has nothing whatsoever to do with your 3G not having the same problem. Some of the data in the backup may be corrupt, etc.


    What does you have tried resetting everything include?


    Does this include resetting network settings on your iPhone 4 and/or include restoring your iPhone 4 as a new iPhone or not from the backup?


    Do you connect your iPhone 4 to any other wi-fi network besides your own? If so, does the same occur with every wi-fi network you connect your iPhone 4 with?


    In your original post, you said WEP password.


    Have you checked the manufacturer's website for your wireless router to see if a firmware update is available for your wireless router model that you haven't installed?



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    yes  have reset the network settings - just did it again after reading your reply


    sorry if  confused you by saying WEP password - what I meant was the password that is on the back of the router and has to be entered before you can connect.



    The router is new and was replaced just a couple of weeks ago.  I have also totally disconnected it and rebooted it a number of times in the hope of curing the connection problem.


    I have only had the Iphone for a week so I have not been anywhere to connect to anyone else's network apart from using 3g or btopenzone when out and about.


    The only thing i have not tried is restoring  the phone as a new iphone on itunes


    hope this helps